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Paperback 164 pages

Accept yourself, empower yourself, love yourself. The promise of this fantastic book is both simple and profound: Ian Peric wants to help you fi nd lasting happiness.

The format will suit all types: those who prefer highly-structured formats can use the book as a strict 13-week program followed in a linear progression through each sequential chapter. Those who prefer a more intuitive or free-fl owing approach can choose to focus on chapters in any order they wish, and may also spend as long as they like focusing on any particular theme.

There are thirteen chapters devoted to a particular area of focus: presence, acceptance, patience, empowerment, unconditional love, silence, affection, perspective, compassion, speak your truth, life purpose, action and gratitude.

Each comprehensive weekly program features a summary of the theme, with exercises, observations, affi rmations, chants, crystals, colours and more. The author is very quick to reassure you that you can use as much or as little of the content as you feel necessary.

The idea of the ‘week’ is open-ended; the author encourages the user to check in at the end of seven days to see if further time spent in the area being practised is needed. It is up to the reader to decide if they would like to move onto another area of development, and the author acknowledges that everyone’s journey will be unique.


Paperback 214 pages

Clearly I have been living under a rock for years (I call it “becoming a mum”) but somehow I missed a wildly successful little book called E-Squared, which was this author’s fi rst foray into writing about manifestation. That little book was a New York Times best-seller and an international hit sensation.

E-Cubed is the follow-up. The beautiful thing about the book is that it is a stand-alone entity, and you don’t need to have read its predecessor because the author covers the same material using different examples, anecdotes and “energy experiments”.

This book is all about the proof being in the pudding, and while the success stories contained within are inspiring to say the least, Pam Grout is all about getting you to step up and prove these principles to yourself so you can start to create change in your own life.

Her methods are as unconventional as they are memorable: one tip urges you to “Appreciate the world’s most annoying person”, where the author asks you to look for traits to appreciate in this “annoying person” as an exercise in tolerance. It is just one of many quirky and interesting examples of her technique.

And it’s funny! It would not be a stretch of the imagination to suggest that if Pam Grout ever woke up one day and decided to stop writing best-selling books about manifestation, she could easily fi nd a job as a stand-up comedian. I have read many books about manifesting in my time, and this is without doubt the most entertaining one. A must-read.

THE MINDFULNESS MOVIE Paul Harrison DVD 70 minutes

I realised that I was the target audience for this fi lm when I couldn’t stop checking my email, replying to messages and sneaking peeks at Facebook while I was watching it. When did this happen? When did this constant dalliance with distraction become such an entrenched part of my daily life?

It was laughable, because one of the highlights of the documentary is a series of hilarious skits that feature a male and female character who demonstrate through witty interplay what the central themes of the movie are.

The “mindless” male character kept checking his phone and sending emails, being distracted and trying to do several things at once. I was giggling at him until I realised I was doing the exact same thing, without even thinking. It was a sobering realisation.

As the title suggests, The Mindfulness Movie is a fascinating documentary about the reasons why being in the moment and having present-moment attentiveness is good for us. Numerous experts in the fi eld of neurology and psychology have participated in the fi lm, and the end features a heart-warming series of visits to a number of army personnel who have incorporated mindfulness training to enhance their quality of life.

The positive take home message for me was that regularly practising mindfulness – even in short bursts of time – can rewire the neurons in the brain, because even ‘old’ brains can be ‘untrained’ a nd released from old habits and behaviours.

The Mindfulness Movie is equal parts fun, fascinating, entertaining and inspiring. And essential. So essential.

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