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Audio CD (67 minutes)

Calm, carefree and relaxed kids are happy kids, and this amazing audio CD of guided meditations for children is one of those essential resources to add to your parenting toolbelt.

These 12 guided visualisations are spoken in a gentle female voice, creating an atmosphere that is calm, safe and reassuring, and the subject matter has been carefully crafted to include themes, imagery and symbolism that kids can relate to. Separate meditations feature real life creatures like butterfl ies, lizards and dolphins, while others evoke a magical sense of fun and light with fairies, elves, wizards and angels.

If bedtime is a fraught time at your house, this CD features three visualisation tools which can help soothe frazzled nerves and wind down overtired children.

The Archangel Michael meditation is perfect for children who might be apprehensive or afraid of the dark, as it invokes protection throughout the night, and there are two other night time meditations to relax the body and to let go of any thoughts and worries that might ward off sleep.

Suitable for children aged three to nine, these meditations can be used by parents, caregivers and educators to help make our kids feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. Preschoolers in particular will love “Puddle Jumps”, a delightful visualisation that describes stomping through puddles in the rain, as a beautiful rainbow forms and colours appear all around.

As with adults, meditation is a wonderfully holistic way for children to alleviate stress and anxiety, while calming and rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.

56 october 2014


Music CD 43 minutes

The opening lyrics to this extraordinary album unfold with languid bliss: “What a beautiful surprise…” Never have words been more apt. I’ve not had the pleasure of listening to Tina Malia’s music before; so I’d come to this record with no expectations and with no clue as to the contents other than an artist photo on the sleeve with Malia holding a guitar.

I was expecting a guitar-centred, acoustic style of music but was rewarded with something far richer and more sonically diverse. Tina Malia steps deftly through numerous musical genres in a way that creates a cohesive, yet unique, sound which is unmistakably her own. The overall atmosphere of the album places it fi rmly within the world fusion and chill-out genre, and individual songs are spiced with jazz, electronic, pop, world, soul, gospel and folk infl uences.

One of the sentences from her offi cial biography sums up her approach perfectly: Inspired by many musical and spiritual traditions from around the world, Tina’s writing style is contemplative, devotional, and joyous in nature.

Vocally, there is something ethereal yet compelling about Malia’s voice that evokes comparison with Dido, Sarah McLachlan and Sade, while other reviews have compared her voice to Adele and the late Eva Cassidy. The spiritual and almost otherworldly edge to Malia’s voice is telling – one of her earlier releases is called “Jaya Bhagavan” and features her own unique renditions of Sanskrit mantras. Her work is much-feted in the yoga music scene, and “The Last Frontier” is another worthy addition to the canon.

THE ELEMENTAL ORACLE Roz Tilley 44-card deck and booklet

The fi rst thing I noticed about this oracle deck is that it is dark. Distinguishing itself from other decks, the artwork by Roz Tilley is dark, intriguing and mysterious. I mean, most oracle cards are usually quite pretty or ethereal-looking, right?

There is something very real and primal about the illustrations which demands your attention, and encourages further scrutiny. Some of the drawings actually look a little bit intimidating and malevolent at fi rst glance; so this is not a deck for the faint- hearted! Each card represents the energy of a particular crystal, which the artist has determined by tapping into the essence of each one.

The author does not include spreads in the guidebook, but suggests several ways they can be used. The most important thing about this deck is to use it intuitively; so the author does not prescribe certain ways of working with the cards, leaving it in the hands of the user instead.

From a practical perspective, the cards and the pages in the book have corresponding numbers, which makes the guidebook very easy to navigate and the interpretations themselves easy to locate. If you are looking for an oracle deck you can use in conjunction with crystal therapy, or are simply looking for a deck that is a little bit different from others that are currently available, the Elemental Oracle is a great choice.

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