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ALCHEMY “Friends ask me if I’ve had a facelift. Since I have been

using the Uplift Skincare range my skin has never looked or felt better. And I love that the products are natural.” [Kathy Hill] “At 49 years old I had regular hormonal


TO JOINT REPLACEMENT? Dr Ngu says “yes! Prolozone”. If you’ve ever suffered from any type of joint or muscle pain, then I’m about to share with you this amazing healing & innovative technique called Prolozone. Prolozone is a non-surgical technique that

combines the principles of neural (nerve) therapy, Prolotherapy & ozone therapy that has been established for more than 30 yrs in Europe & USA. It involves injecting combinations of

Procaine, homeopathic anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins, minerals, & ozone/ oxygen gas into & around the joints or areas of pain. The injected ozone increases blood supply & helps with increasing the flow of nutrients into the damaged joints, ligaments, tendons & tissues to help with regeneration. The combination of vitamins, minerals

& oxygen is vital for regeneration as the tissues are fed exactly what they need with re-establishment of circulation & regeneration to the affected area. X-rays show a knee joint with bone-to-

bone osteoarthritis before therapy & then, 12 months after Prolozone treatments, you can see evidence of regeneration of cartilage & increased joint space. (Ref: Journal of Prolotherapy | Vol 3 632, issue 2 | May 2011). (http:// prolozone-regenerating-joints-and- eliminating-pain/) These treatments are now available at Transformational Medicine Australia in Melbourne.

Dr Ngu is a specialist integrative medical doctor of 31 years, combining the best of medical with nutritional, botanical, oxidative, acupuncture & bio-energetic therapies. Clinic: 305 Warrigal Rd, Burwood. 03 9808 2188.


Vilasini has found that, as her shamanic skills grew, so her tarot skills became sharper. She finds herself able to see what is happening for people and what is coming up for them. She is able to warn them which road to take for a successful conclusion. She can answer your questions and help you to make decisions based on the possible outcomes the cards show her. If you are wondering about making a

choice about something you will benefit from a reading with Vilasini. Four ways possible: By Skype: vilasini.

reukers1; by phone: +62 878 6038 1191; in person in Bali; in person in Melbourne’s northern, western and peninsula suburbs from 13th December to 2nd January.;

breakouts and had tried every product available for my sensitive dry skin. Nothing has nourished my skin like Uplift Skincare. My skin is smooth, plump and there is no more dry stretching feeling, and there are no more breakouts either. Finally, a natural product that actually works.” [Janelle Saunders] “Even after the first day of using Uplift

Liquidlight Elixir and Liquidlight Lift I could feel that my skin was finer, smoother, and by the fourth day my skin really did take on a softer more airbrushed look when I applied liquid makeup.” [Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Editor, LivingNow]

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The healthy flow of sexual energy is crucial for the body’s health, thriving relationships, and even one’s sense of spiritual wellbeing and connection. The flow of sexual energy can be interrupted by shame, abuse, poor body image, muscular constriction, surgery and more. I am a sexuality and relationship coach

and I use some of the most powerful healing modalities for sexual health and pleasure: deep tissue shamanic body de-armouring, energy work, hypnotherapy, coaching, elements of tantra, and more. I see clients for a range of issues,

including low desire, premature or delayed ejaculation, healing abuse or trauma, vaginismus, vulvodynia, difficulties with orgasm, relationship issues, the expansion of pleasure states (multiple orgasm), and post- surgery for sexual healing. I also run healing retreats and regularly facilitate workshops. Visit my site or contact me to learn more!

Emma M. Dixon, Ph.D. 0425 225 058


empowering vision and action

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