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The following blends are based on tisanes I find very useful in my herbal practice. They taste good and do a good job. Please feel free to add your own signature to these blends. If you have difficulty finding one of the herbs in these recipes, it is fine to do without or substitute it with another herb.

CALM Best-ever stress blend. This blend is wonderful when you have a lot on at work or school. It’s also good for times of emotional stress, such as when dealing with relationship difficulties or looking after sick or frail relatives. Withania, rooibos, zizyphus, Siberian ginseng, licorice, ground cardamom

NIGHTY-NIGHT Best-ever sleep blend. Although the hops and valerian make this a less- than-sublime tasting brew, hopefully you will sleep the night through. If you have problems getting to sleep, drink a couple of small cups after dinner. If you have problems with waking through the night, drink it closer to bedtime. Hops, valerian, lavender, withania, zizyphus, cracked rooibos, licorice, hibiscus, crushed ginger

FORGET-ME-NOT Best-ever memory and concentration blend. Perfect for students and those who need to keep their wits about them at work. Gotu kola, licorice, ginkgo, bacopa, Siberian ginseng, rosemary, ginger, red rose petals

If you are new to herbal tisanes, why not buy small packets of each herb you like the sound of and create your own blends. Some of the more ‘therapeutic’ herbs don’t taste so great. So it’s a good idea to include one or two

of the more pleasant herbs such as licorice, peppermint or ginger, or add honey which covers a multitude of sins. Always be governed by your own tastes. It’s really not worth making or drinking a herbal tisane you dislike. Fresh herbs contain more of the essential

and volatile oils of the herbs, and for this reason generally smell more pungent. However, fresh herbs by their nature are seasonal and are not always available. Herbal tisane blends traditionally use

dried herbs, and are often prepared in a combination that tastes good and is therapeutic. A good compromise is to have the base made from dried herbs and add fresh herbs you have handy such as fresh root ginger, peppermint leaves, lemongrass or sprigs of thyme. Avoid self-diagnosis. If you suspect you

are ill, it’s always wise to check with your health care practitioner rather than self- diagnosing and prescribing. n

Mim Beim is a renowned naturopath and has released a range of delicious Beaming With Health Herbal Teas to assist a variety of health conditions.

DIGESTIVO Best-ever digestion blend. Although not often a topic of conversation, as a herbalist I know that a lot of people have digestive problems, including bloating, reflux, constipation and flatulence. These herbs help a host of tummy problems. Ginger, chamomile, peppermint, licorice

HAIR OF THE DOG Best-ever hangover blend. Just the thing for the morning after the night before. It also makes a pretty good detox brew. St. Mary’s thistle, dandelion root, ginger

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