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08 Dream crazy Kathy Wong Kathy’s journey has been about finding out it’s okay to be not okay, and then, having accepted that, she not only found her purpose in life but learnt that the ordinary becomes extraordinary through others. An inspirational story.

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14 Stuck in a holding pattern? Andrea Putting Do you ever feel you are stuck on a holding pattern? Whatever you do, you just can’t seem to get in front. You’re just going round and round in circles. It may take a slight movement, a little tweak in what you are doing, to make all the difference to get you back on track again.

26 Patch Adams Patch Adams Yes, he’s a real person and he will be visiting Australia to present at the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay in December. He’s so remarkable that we felt you’d be inspired by reading his words about his life and work. “I am a doctor, but above all else I consider myself an activist for peace, justice and care for all people.” Patch (Hunter) Adams

30 Departing down the middle Dustin Grinnell It’s a good lesson in attachment, I suppose. She leaves, I stay. And we’re all supposed to be okay with it. As I drive into the terminal, I wonder how a Buddhist, heck the Buddha himself, might act.


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