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FELDENKRAIS METHOD ® Discover a career that keeps you feeling younger and working longer. Learn through awareness of your own

movement patterns how to help others reduce pain and movement limitations, restore easy movement, prevent injuries and improve their performance. Find a different way of thinking about change, what’s really possible and know that life can be easier! Feldenkrais professional training

programs are beginning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide now. You can begin immediately or start with the second intake in January. You will attend four face-to-face modules for the next three years and one in the final year. Your learning will be deeply embodied through movement processes, supported by clear conceptual models and practical activities. Between these sessions, you will work in local study groups or in your own environment, supported with online learning activities, discussion forums and webinars. Throughout the training you will belong

to a smaller learning group under the guidance of a dedicated teacher who will get to know you as an individual, be available to answer questions and provide supportive feedback, so that you emerge as a confident and competent practitioner. You will also have developed the skills to build and manage a successful practice in a style that works for you. The Feldenkrais Method utilises the

inherent plasticity of the brain to learn new organisational and movement possibilities.

It is ideal for working with people who; want more ease or comfort, are recovering from illness or trauma, want to improve their physical, musical, mental or emotional performance or simply want to maintain their efficiency and elegance. See – look under ‘Training’ to find curriculum information and the cities where training programs are available. Click on your choice for schedules, venue pricing details and application forms. Questions? Jenni: 03 9645 4373

MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH KINESIOLOGY! Does your heart yearn to find work you love & make a difference by helping others heal? If you’re looking for a career in kinesiology or massage, we can help you sort through the many study options available. Choose from a wide range

of classes close to home. All qualifications are nationally accredited with government bodies & industry associations. Some subjects can be studied at home at your own pace with tutor

support, you can pay as you go, & you may be eligible for government funding. We help you find the heart of your

business & make authentic connections with your clients. Check out our website www.acvhealing., email or phone Maree on 03 9874 7036 for a full course curriculum.


Quality education on how to have a healthy relationship with the body, sex & sexuality is an essential piece often missing from our education. Increasing interest in this is evident in the growth of embodied disciplines where we can learn to be present through breath, movement, sound, bodywork & awareness. Somatic sex education teaches people skills to direct our own embodied learning, so we can feel more at choice & empowered in our bodies. The Certificate in Sexological Bodywork

offers professional training for somatic sex educators, internationally & in Australia. Institute of Somatic Sexology

CERTIFICATE IV IN BODYTALK You can now start your professional career in BodyTalk. This government accredited course is now available Australia wide. A large component of

your study can be done by

distance and then face-to-face study to learn the practical skills. You have the flexibility to study part-time and one unit at a time so you fit it into your schedule. You can also study full-time and complete the course in 12 months. For further information about your study options and to obtain an information pack please email:

Make a difference with Kinesiology!

Does your heart yearn to help others on their path of healing?

Government accredited courses for practical, rewarding career pathways from our heart to yours:

• Certifi cate IV and Diploma of Kinesiology • Certifi cate IV Massage Therapy Practice • Training and Assessment (TAE10)

Flexible study times. Government funding available. Package prices for registered practitioners. We specialise in recognition of prior learning!

Australian College of Vibrational Healing Call Maree (03) 9874-7036 Courses available Australia wide

38 NOVEMBER 2014


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