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DZAR’S WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS RETREAT Around 70,000 years ago, there was a key shift in humanity’s connection to spirit and nature when a group of Energies came forward to initiate and teach the first shamans. Many people today feel drawn to connect more deeply with

their soul and to live as its beauty and wisdom in connection with nature because they were part of this initial group. DZAR teaches the wisdom and practices of this ancient lineage on these Retreats so that you can fulfil your purpose of reuniting your physical and energetic aspects to live as the light and beauty of your soul. For a free chapter of DZAR’s new book The Wisdom of the Ancients…the Story of the First Shamans and retreat details visit:

3 FATAL MISTAKES ASPIRING TANTRA BODYWORKERS MAKE – AND HOW TO AVOID THEM! Avoid the mistakes most new tantra bodyworkers make – explode your passion, pleasure and business profits. * Bored with massage or

bodywork? Want to add another modality to your services? * Want to know more about tantra, sacred sexuality and how to give more pleasure? * Increase your income from bodywork and massage I can inspire teach and coach you about how

to monetise your tantra massage business. Limited places. Apply now www. Ally 0419 038 310.

Become a BodyTalk practitioner

Increase health, harmony & vitality with BodyTalk

Tailored to each individual. BodyTalk addresses every aspect of the

human psyche, be it emotional, physical or environmental. All these elements can have a profound influence on the psychology of the body.

Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of

illness by addressing the whole-person & their whole-story.

Seminars in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Presented by Melissa Smith, CBI, CBP, BAVT

“Melissa knows, loves & breathes the

subject matter – I couldn’t help but get excited too. She makes you believe that anything is possible.” J. Phelan

ANYONE CAN LEARN IT Email for free information pack:

36 NOVEMBER 2014

CREATING WELLNESS IN THE FACE OF CANCER AT THE GAWLER FOUNDATION Hearing the words “You’ve got cancer” undoubtedly changes your life forever. It’s what you do next that makes a difference.

People diagnosed with cancer have been

turning to The Gawler Foundation for over 30 years to help reclaim their lives. They’ve seen lives changed and prognoses challenged. The Gawler Foundation are pioneers in the use of a lifestyle approach to healing and helping improve recovery outcomes. Their ten and four night educational cancer retreats in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, attract people from all over Australia and abroad for nurturing support and to learn the practical application of this approach. The Gawler Foundation’s teachings are

based around Seven Essential Elements: regular meditation, good nutrition, emotional healing, moderate exercise, effective support, power of mind and the quest for meaning. The Foundation also runs a wide range of general wellbeing retreats to help create a more peaceful and purposeful way of life for all. For more information about The Gawler Foundation and retreats available visit or call them on 1300 651 211. Request a free Gawler Foundation Guide Book.

CAREER IN YOGA? BE A YOGA TEACHER! You just love yoga? You will love being a yoga teacher too! At the Australian College

of Classical Yoga we teach authentic, traditional yoga. In yoga we leave the

ego behind, and experience reality pure & simple. It’s challenging, as life is challenging. You’ll get in-depth training in asana,

anatomy, physiology, and the vision of yoga. Your life becomes real and vibrant. ACCY trains yogis, not just yoga teachers. Australian College of Classical Yoga 03 9833 4050

EXPERIENCE YOGA IN VIETNAM Edensee Resort in Dalat • March 2015 Yoga teachers

training course: February 28–March 28. Ayurveda & yoga wellness counselor course: March 15–26. Pancha Karma (detox retreat): March 17–26. Ayurvedic massage training, level 1: March 2–6. Ayurvedic massage training, level 2: March 8–12. residency opportunities year-round in the Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat centers. For further details and bookings go to:

REFRESH & VIBRATE AT YOUR HIGHEST FREQUENCY Study of your natal / progressed astrological chart & guided hypnotic sessions. January 7th–14th, 2015.

$1350. 7-day workshop. Hurgharda Red Sea.

“Guided meditations, especially in alliance

with the timeframe & planetary aspects on my chart, enable me to see my past actions. Correcting these opened many paths in my present life. Through hypnotic sessions my relationships with others changed, family issues resolved. My home sector improved immensely. It was like I was seeing things through another pair of eyes... Independence & love also life lessons for me, particularly on this trip... Clarified many areas” Susan 0405 221 592 Joann Willoughby


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