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by Marie Fitzgerald I

started travelling young. To finance my travels I worked as a nurse in intensive care units in large hospitals in Australia,

North America and Europe. Medical care I found to be relatively the same for each illness, but the fascinating thing I noticed was that some people responded well and recovered, while others who often were younger and healthier, deteriorated and died regardless of receiving the best medical treatment. As part of the medical team, it was always of huge concern to me, as I realised that there was something intangible that we were not addressing. I noticed that I rarely met patients who

lived through surgery or an illness when they were convinced that they were going to die from it. The same thing occurred when people were convinced that they would have a particular disease because a parent had had it, and they did often manifest the same disease at exactly the same age that their parent had. I did intensive self-development courses,

which I felt took over the role of religions in trying to get people to examine their inner lives. I tried various healing modalities, searching all the time for the most effective way to understand our attitudes to healing our lives physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I realised that getting in touch with the inner self was where a person’s healing power lay. I met Philip Rafferty in the 1980s when he practised kinesiology on my family. In 1992 when I heard he had created a holistic modality by drawing from the techniques of kinesiology and the healing energy of reiki, I was very interested. After only two days in his Kinergy course I knew I was finally onto a winner. Kinergy (now called Kinergetics) was fast, specific and powerful. I haven’t changed my opinion about it since. Kinergetics is a new branch of kinesiology.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify areas of stress or dysfunction in the body’s energy field. It can be used to identify and balance (a) physical problems that are causing dysfunction of tissues and organs and (b) mental and emotional stresses that are blocking or sabotaging personal growth and affecting a person’s ability to function effectively. Muscle testing is used to identify the area of stress, pain or imbalance, and exactly where the correction is required. The

32 NOVEMBER 2014

in diagnosis and to prescribe drugs and dosages that would best suit each patient using muscle testing rather than using the usual trial and error method. I see miracles on a daily basis


only correction is healing energy, channeled through the hands. Kinergetics is a painless, fast, non-invasive

method of healing that works on the body’s energy fields and is usually effective in helping a wide range of health problems including: * Dealing with pain, limitation of joint motion, muscle injuries and sprains, T.M.J. (jaw) problems, sensitivities, candida, and psychosomatic conditions, especially where the underlying factor is related to emotional stress.

* Assisting in the elimination of toxins from the body.

* Improving general hydration and the body’s ability to utilise water, which assists the process of detoxification and blood cleansing.

* At a deeper level, it can be used to identify and clear stresses in the body, which are often the causes of physical manifestations. I have been using Kinergetics since 1992

and have found it be so effective in getting an instant overall picture of where people are at on all levels and dimensions. It also lends itself to use with many modalities. Coming from a medical background, I cannot understand why more medically trained people don’t use Kinergetics to assist

when using Kinergetics. I use it on myself as well as on my family. When I had only done a couple of classes I managed to do a very simple self-correction to alleviate an arthritic type pain in my hand, which had bothered me off and on for years. I had been to rheumatologists in both Canada and Australia. Doctors in both countries told me they saw the condition often, knew it wasn’t arthritis although the pain mimicked the condition, but couldn’t help me. Using Kinergetics for self-correction the pain instantly left me, never to return. For me, it was nothing short of miraculous to have pain leave as easily as that. I then took my 14 year-old son to Philip Rafferty to see if he could do something with my son’s painful knees. Caleb was my second child to suffer with Osgood Schlatters Disease, a painful, debilitating condition that comes on in teenage years affecting many fast-growing athletic children. His X-rays looked like he had fractured tibias. With my first child, we were medically advised not to allow her to play sport until she stopped growing. She didn’t play sport for four years as her knees were too painful, then when she did recommence it was with a brace on her knee. The Kinergetics correction on my son took about five minutes to perform. My astonished son instantly stood and found he could bend his knee up to his chest. He hadn’t been able to raise it above his hip level for the previous 18 months. Imagine how this impressed the young soccer player. I have never been a person to respond well to drugs, herbs or mechanical therapies, but I always float out of a Kinergetics practitioner’s office after having my energy balanced. n

Marie Fitzgerald is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Kinergetics Practitioner practising in Elsternwick, Victoria.

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