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need to do in the next three months to get you on that path? Then break it down again to the next month, then what task do you need to complete this week to achieve that? The thought of speaking to three people this week is much easier to achieve and feel complete about than concentrating on that big almost insurmountable number. Look at your to-do list objectively. What

on it is going to get you moving forward and what is keeping you in the holding pattern? Cross off anything that isn’t building momentum in your business. Focus solely on the forward movement. Yes, there are always some tasks that need to be done in the background. However don’t allow these to absorb your time. Give your priority to what will bring in the clients, what will bring in the income you need. Now I want you to throw out your to-do

list. You have only a project or goal list. Break these down into tasks and put them straight into your schedule. They are now off the ‘some time I’ll fit it in’ list to the ‘this will be completed’ list. Breaking your tasks down into smaller tasks and short time frames will give you a great sense of achievement when you are ticking things off. Many people use affirmations to get

themselves focussed and on track. For others affirmations just don’t seem to work. There is a reason for that. As soon as you say to

yourself something like, “I am a money magnet”, your subconscious mind starts to laugh and says, “No I’m not!” So it is a battle against yourself. If your subconscious doesn’t believe it, then it’s going to be a tough battle. I’m not saying give up your mantras and affirmations, but let’s look at a different approach if you are struggling with one.

YOUR MIND IS WIRED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS You give it a question and it will search to find a solution. As long as you keep asking the question it will keep looking for the answers. So instead of, “I am a money magnet”, it may be, “How am I a money magnet?”, or, “Why am I a money magnet?” Your mind will look for clues. It will search for the proof that you need to show you that you are in fact that money magnet, or whatever it is that you need to create in your life. It may be:

• How am I a successful businessperson? • As a successful businessperson, how will I double my income this year?

• What is the subject of the book I will author that will be a best seller?

• Your subconscious now assumes that this is fact; it just has to find the way. It is very good at that.


CERTIFICATION TRAINING 

 

You will be able to see clients at the completion of your training.

During the Training You’ll Learn Effective Hypnosis Techniques:

      

 

Your Curriculum Includes:       

  


The Tad James Co. Australia Suite 401 / 19a Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 1800 133 433  

2014 2015

Melbourne: NOV 14, 15 & 16

Adelaide: JAN 30, 31 & FEB 1 Brisbane: FEB 13, 14 & 15 Melbourne: FEB 20, 21 & 22 Sydney: FEB 27, 28 & MAR 1


CALL NOW ON 1800 133 433

NOVEMBER 2014 15

MOST OF ALL BE GENTLE ON YOURSELF Beating yourself up because you are not there yet won’t do you any good. Along the way you are learning and developing. You are taking in new experiences that will make you stronger; more able to serve, more understanding to others who have been through the same pain. It will allow you to be more compassionate with others. Now be compassionate with yourself. You have worked hard to get here, appreciate how far you have already come and don’t quit just as you are about to get there.

KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM The important thing is to keep moving forward. Whenever you feel like you are going around again or about to fall out of the sky, look for a new approach, find another runway. Sometimes you need to change direction, and that is fine. Just keep going and make that landing. n

Andrea Putting is a spiritual business coach, inspirational writer and speaker, empowering woman to integrate their spirituality and life purpose into their business so that they

can be fulfilled and live in abundance doing what they love.


de-regulated in SA - get trained and 


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