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they are fun! I love the lifestyle around this iconic Australian footwear. I always feel calm and happy when I have my thongs on.

ORDINARY BECOMES EXTRAORDINARY THROUGH OTHERS I had already seen the difference I was making on my social media page with strangers reaching out sharing their deepest feelings with me, and telling me how much they loved the positivity of my platform. I’ve had many tell me how they look forward to my daily posts, that they make their day, and how much I inspire them. I knew that I could be the example to show that anyone can do extraordinary acts if they have a village behind them, and this is how Moeloco was born. Moeloco means dream crazy, and its meaning is very personal to me because it reflects my craziest dream yet, which is to reduce world poverty. Moeloco is a social cause brand based on a one-for-one business model. For each Moeloco we donate a pair of school shoes to a child in poverty through our collaboration with the Hope Foundation which runs orphanages in one of the poorest areas in the world, Calcutta. Being on the ground in India the local staff have access to purchasing the canvas shoes required for school. The one thing in my life I would have changed if I could have was to be a mother,

but I believe everything happens in life for a reason. I knew that one day I would work with children, and here I am. I cannot wait till I am able to visit the orphanages next year and see the kids in our shoes.

IT’S IN OUR TOGETHERNESS THAT MIRACLES ARE CREATED The vision I had was very clear. However, I had no idea how I could make this happen. I just kept sharing my story and literally people showed up with all sorts of help. Friends with creative, marketing expertise, strangers who have mentored me or provided business services and needed resources, not wanting anything in return but to be part of what I’m building, has left me sobbing in disbelief and humbled by their generosity. Finding a charity to work with I discovered was one of my greatest challenges. Finding Hope Foundation was through another new relationship. This social enterprise has materialised so quickly – seven months is remarkable when you consider I had no prior experience in retail manufacturing or social cause. My family have been very supportive.

Mum delivered home-cooked meals regularly as she knew I was not eating properly. Dad accompanied me to China as my interpreter for the manufacturing. My husband brought me continuous cups of tea

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and was simply there for me, and he and my brother had a ready supply of positive words of encouragement in my darkest moments. There has been no shortage of help, which has just spurred me on. The support keeps growing. The Universe keeps connecting me with like-minded individuals wanting to support this change. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to step up and hopefully cause change. Life really is better in flip flops.

BEING VULNERABLE IS THE GREATEST HUMAN CONNECTOR This crazy dream has been so scary, not knowing anything about retail, manufacturing, or social enterprise. While saying this though my intention is clear and pure; so I know I will succeed. While I have been so focussed on helping these kids, I must not fall into my own patterns of behaviour where I put myself second and affect my health and well-being. I really want to enjoy this journey and must pull myself up all the time and remind myself that it’s not a race, although I continually make myself feel I want to get to that finishing line as quickly as possible. My next scary part of this adventure is the scalability of the business and finding suitable retailers. I want to work only with those who have the same values and desires. n

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