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Edible delights: JAMS AND PICKLES Ask local allotment and gardening associations to donate surplus homegrown edibles, then cajole keen cooks into turning them into jams and chutneys. Visitors to your fair will enjoy buying local produce, and these make popular gifts. BEEKEEPERS Do you have a branch of The British Beekeeping Association nearby? They may be willing to sell jars of honey and beeswax products at your fair, in return for promoting their work! CHRISTMAS PUDDINGS Run a competition in school inviting pupils to design labels for your Christmas, chocolate and sticky toffee puddings. Ask parents to pre-order their puddings to cover your costs, then buy extra to sell at the fair. Order in bulk from The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company (,  pudding. Taster sets are also available, so that people can ‘try before they buy’…


FACEBOOK During the Christmas season, our

 STALLHOLDERS S EXTERNAL

      

 

REINDEER CONES Hot chocolate reindeer cones are easy to create and make unusual stocking stuffers. Fill cellophane cones with hot chocolate powder and top with mini marshmallows. Secure with ribbon. Attach a red pom pom nose and googly eyes. Display them on a small tree and sell for £1.50 each. KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Can pupils make their own sweet treats to wrap up and sell? Think peppermint creams, coconut ice and  that involve minimal cooking. Finish with some cellophane and ribbon to make the perfect gift.

Facebook page is updated daily with festive queries and advice for your fair. Submit questions or read tips from other PTAs at  NEWSLETTERS Our email newsletters provide

topical information, ideas, up-to-date advice, offers and exclusive giveaways! Visit . PTA+ ONLINE Our recently redesigned PTA+

website features a brand-new ‘Fairs’ section. This is broken down into ‘spring/summer’, ‘autumn/winter’ and ‘general advice’. Have a look around to nd additional information. Visit . PINTEREST Browse our festive boards (Christmas

crafts and Christmas fairs) on Pinterest for inspiration. Go to . POSTERS Don’t waste time designing posters to

promote your event – choose from a range of editable fair posters at .

As the excitement (and panic!) about your approaching Christmas fair begins to increase, download our two-page Christmas fair countdown () to see what else needs doing. Here’s a sneak preview…


  Review last year’s event, looking at which stalls were most popular and which generated the most money. Agree a shortlist and work out how many volunteers you will need to run these.  Write a shopping list of food that needs to be bought (including sweets for prizes) and agree whose task this will be.  Involve the pupils! Discuss with the school any ideas you have that teachers might need to do in class, such as making wrapping paper or tree decorations. Ask the school to appoint one teacher with whom you can liaise.

 If you’re serving alcohol, you’ll need to submit a TEN at least 10 days before your event.  Using street banners to promote your event? Seek permission from the local authority.  Download our volunteer rota template, listing each stall with time slots, and start enlisting volunteers to help out on each stall.  Compile a database of helpers’ email addresses so you can get in touch with them instantly!  Read our guide to rst aid at events ( ). Assess your requirements, appoint some qualied rst aiders and prepare a kit.

  Prepare a box of useful items – marker pens, tape, scissors, string, drawing pins, paper, etc.  Have a list of jobs ready for volunteers who turn up early to help set up.  Appoint two volunteers to be responsible for oats, collection and counting of cash.

  Take the time to thank everyone who helped, informing them of the amount raised.  Hold a post-fair debrief to establish what went well, and what didn’t. Download a ‘knowledge capsule’ from our website ().

EDIBLE ACTIVITIES Offer children the chance to decorate small fairy cakes or gingerbread men. Can a volunteer bake batches of plain fairy cakes or biscuits? If not, ask local bakeries for donations, or buy in bulk from a wholesaler.  with different-coloured icing, and bowls of miniature sweets and silver balls available as decorations. Sell for £1 to decorate and eat. REINDEER POOP Don’t worry, this is much cuter than it sounds! Bag up chocolate-covered raisins in small, cellophane bags, secure by stapling a header card to the top, featuring the poem: ‘Heard you’ve been naughty, so here’s the scoop, all you’re getting is this reindeer poop!’

34 WINTER 2014


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