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f, like us, you now have several Christmas fairs under your belt, it’s likely you want to freshen things up by introducing some

new stalls (if only to keep yourself sane). Or if you’re new to this game, you’ll want as many ideas as you can  work best for you! Some of you may have empty PTA

coffers and need stalls that don’t involve any up-front costs. Or do you struggle for volunteers? Stalls that are low-input, both in pre-fair preparation and on the day will be key for you. The more varied the attractions you

offer, the better. Games and activities keep children entertained, but make sure there are things for parents and grandparents to do, too. 

 getting as many donated items as possible. Use the ideas in this feature  appealing to parents and friends of the school for donations. Run a non-  items, such as mince pies. Ask local businesses for contributions too.

32 WINTER 2014

Give your favourites a festive twist WATER TO (MULLED) WINE Collect empty screw-top wine  newspaper. Source donations of wine or mulled wine, and aim for a ratio of four bottles of water to one of wine. Charge £1 per go (over 18s only). HOOK A CRACKER Source bulk packs of crackers, or ask for donations. Hole punch the crackers and attach a paper clip to form a loop. Stand the crackers end up in a box, and use hook-a-duck  GUESS THE… Number of snowballs (toffee bonbons) in a jar, or weight of the Christmas cake. Prepare a sheet of possible answers, people write their name against their chosen number/weight. LUCKY (CARROT) DIP Fill a deep tray with sand. Get around 30 carrots (snowman  gold on the end and those who pick out a golden carrot, win a prize.


‘Stall ideas for fairs’ is the most searched phrase on our PTA+ website, so we’ve sourced as many ideas for festive stalls as we could find! Browse through original ideas, perennial favourites, and some newer, crazier ideas that you just might be able to pull off.

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large Rudolf head onto a piece of wooden board and attach three hooks over each antler, at different heights. Make hoops out of bent coat hangers covered in tinsel (taping over any sharp edges) for participants to throw. The higher the hook, the better the prize. FESTIVE FACES Find some parents who would be willing to paint some Christmassy designs onto faces. Find templates online for Rudolf, angels (Snow Queens will probably be popular this year!) or just s

just some festive holly to go on the side o design will

in shifts. Read our expert guide to ce painting at FESTIVE TATTOOS Temporary tatt tattoos are always popular, and as th

face pa s

they are quick to apply, you can turn turn these around swiftly, freeing up

up fair-goers to spend money on other st fr


out at less than 10p per tattoo. PIN TH

A variation on ‘pin the tail on th

the donkey’, with a Rudolf face an


and a big red nose that the children have to s


have to stick on. Children win a prize if di

ize if they get within a certain distance of the nose area, and a penny sw

penny sweet for having a go, if not.

her stalls! Buy Christmas tattoos from Baker Ross ( – 24 tattoos cost £1.99, which works le


de of the cheek. Limit the choice of gns and keep them simple – this will keep queues to a minimum. Recruit several volunteers, working in sh


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