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ISSUE No. 80 Spring 2007

Change of FPRA

It is with some regret that the Federation of Private Residents’ Association (FPRA) announces the resignation of Robert Levene as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) due to health considerations. However we are very pleased that Robert will continue to be a committee member so we will enjoy the benefit of his advice particularly on insurance issues which is his specialty.

John Peartree has been appointed as the

new CEO with immediate effect. John has also been a committee member of FPRA for many years and has considerable experience in property management. The Chairman of FPRA, Muriel Guest-Smith,

Chief Executive Officer

commented: “We are sorry but sympathise with Robert in his decision to step down as CEO but value his continued membership of the committee. Robert has done a wonderful job in raising the profile of FPRA over the years while he has been CEO and we have also enjoyed a good rate of new member applications. We are fortunate in having another committee member, John Peartree, who is very experienced across a broad range of property management issues and we wish both Robert and John every success in their new endeavours”. John Peartree has previously been the Administration Officer for FPRA. We are pleased to also announce that Christine Hunt, who is based at the administration office, will take on the role of Administration Officer with immediate effect. We are sure that all FPRA members will join with us in wishing Robert, John and Christine every success in their new roles.

Included in the envelope with this Newsletter are

• Your renewal form for the 2007-08 year

• A Survey of Members form

We have held the same level of subscriptions for the past two years despite experiencing considerable costs increases in utilities and other expenses. Regrettably it appears likely that expenditure for the current year will exceed income. While we can cover this from reserves this cannot be allowed to continue so we must increase subscriptions. To keep it simple we are simply increasing all subscriptions by £5 for the year. Therefore the lowest current level of £45 will rise to £50 and for the larger associations, who are already paying higher subscriptions, the rise will also be just £5. The actual subscription for your association is shown on your enclosed personalized renewal form. We urge you to pay promptly both to maintain our cash flow, in what is likely to be a

challenging year for expense containment, and also so we can confirm your renewal and inform you of the website password for the New Year. We will change the password on April 1 so if we have not received your payment by then you will no longer be able to access the member’s forum of the website. Attached to the renewal form is our first Survey of Members which is an important attempt to obtain feedback from you the members. Tell us how you heard about us, why you joined, what should we do differently? Our new CEO John Peartree explains more on the Survey in his first report on page 2. Please complete the renewal form – which, like last year, is easy to complete as it is personalized to your association and in most cases you simply tick that the information we have is still correct – then give us your opinions by completing the Survey form. Then send it all back, with your cheque, so we receive by the end of March at the latest. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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