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12 Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Newsletter Fairness law could be unfair

Concern about the potential burden of new anti- discrimination legislation on leaseholders running their own blocks of flats has been communicated to

the Government by the FPRA.

The FPRA was asked to comment on a proposed Single Equality Act which will have implications for the common parts of flats. It will legislate on improvements for the disabled in these areas.

FPRA Chairman Bob Smytherman, commenting on the consultation paper “Discrimination Law Review – A Framework for Fairness”, said the FPRA agreed that all flat dwellers should be treated fairly and with respect.

However, he said, many residents’ associations and management companies were formed to run their residential blocks by volunteers from the tenants or leaseholders who gave of their time freely. “It is on these volunteers that the new duties under this proposed legislation will fall in their role as landlord and manager.

“We are therefore calling on MPs from all parties to work with us and to minimise the burdens and complexities of any new Single Equality Act and provide clear and unambiguous advice to supplement legislation to ensure that the law that is meant to prevent discrimination does not discriminate against the very people they are trying to protect.”


Leaseholders “left out in the cold” by Government ‘Warm Front’ scheme

FPRA Chairman Bob Smytherman believes leaseholders living in purpose-built blocks of flats are being discriminated against when it comes to the Government’s “Warm Front” energy efficiency scheme.

“We all know that carbon emissions from our buildings are a big problem,” said Bob Smytherman. “In my own block we wanted to improve our energy efficiency by having cavity wall insulation to help our residents with fuel bills and prevent them from falling into fuel poverty this winter.

“We are currently working with the Warm Front scheme to provide cavity wall insulation for our block. A number of our residents qualify for the various grants, both from local and national schemes, yet despite this the whole process has been immensely bureaucratic. We are still no further on from the initial presentation at our AGM last year by the local fuel poverty coordinator.

“With the latest news about the rising numbers that are falling into fuel poverty, the Government needs to give greater priority to those many flat-dwellers who are already struggling with increased service charges and not penalise flat-dwellers through no fault of their own.”


Expert advice on lifts in blocks of flats is now available to the FPRA as we welcome our newest honorary consultant.

Paul Masterson, 51, has worked in the lift business for 35 years, starting out as an apprentice and rising through the ranks in a number of different companies to senior engineer then management before starting his own company in 1992.

His firm PIP Lift Service Limited is now responsible for 1000 lifts on service. Paul commented: “We are a London based independent lift company that has been established for over 16 years. Our aim is to provide all clients with an all-encompassing professional service, good communication, value for money and total dedication to all contracts, whether large or small.

“PIP Lift Services are often recognised by the industry and our clients as a viable alternative to the original manufacturer and installer for general maintenance and modernisation upgrades for all makes of lifts, together with performance upgrades utilizing the latest design technology.”

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