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Bible Cafe

On Wednesday 3 September a good number of people gathered at our first ever Bible Café, to enjoy some refreshments before studying the Word of God together.

Bible Café is a new initiative aimed at bringing all our existing Life Groups together on the first Wednesday of each month.

Refreshments were available from 7.15 and then at 7.30 groups gathered around tables and completed an informal ice breaker.

Pastor Mike then handed out the notes for the session which included :  Introduction  Background of chapter 1  Who was Daniel?  Bible reading. Daniel chapter 1 (NIVUK)  Study questions

Pastor Mike then went through the study after which the groups discussed the questions together and completed the appropriate study notes. There was then a time of feedback and discussion.

The introduction to the study is detailed on this page and the full copy of the study notes are available on the church website.

The date of the next Bible Café is Wednesday 1 October. Introduction

The Book of Daniel is a fascinating historical account of the Babylonian invasion of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem as well as a book which is the key that unlocks eschatology, the study of the last days. It is indispensable for understanding Christ's predictions and the Book of Revelation.

God's plan for the world is unfolded in amazing detail in Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Great Image, Daniel's dream and visions of the Four Beasts, and the Ram and Goat, along with Gabriel's unveiling of the Seventy Sevens provide the framework for prophetic history from 605 B.C. to the second coming of Christ.

Daniel is written in prose and it differs from other prophetic books of the Bible, which often have their oracles written in poetry. Consequently, it appears in the Hebrew Scriptures among “the writings” and not “the prophets.” Nevertheless, Daniel cannot be read like a narrative or novel since it contains images and symbols that need to be decoded before God's plan for the future can be understood. One cannot decode its predictions without first knowing a great deal about the rest of the Bible and history.

The kinds of predictions in the Book of Daniel are twofold. There are “types” or “foreshadowing’s” concealed within the narratives, and there are revealed dreams and visions of future events, people and places. The prophet has deciphered the dreams and visions with the help of the Spirit of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, and angelic beings.


A Study of the Book of Daniel

Session One

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