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We talk about having faith and trusting in God but its really when were up against it that we find how strong our faith is and how strong our love is for the Lord and what he brings us through. 12 years ago my mother died suddenly and then 8 months later I was diagnosed with cancer. During the next 2 years I never once felt scared. I just put my faith and trust in the Lord and got down on my knees in the middle of the night and prayed to the Lord. I found that my faith grew and grew and grew and now I lean so strongly on the Lord and I just praise his name all the time.

Barbara Kennedy

What you see standing before you this morning is a miracle of God’s grace. My father died when I was 3 and I grew up with no discipline in my life, no joy and I virtually hated life and it got to a stage that I didn’t care whether I lived or died. There are only two people in my life who thought something of me, my wife and her gran, Janet Wiseman. They believed in God, in Jesus Christ and that he answered prayer. And I stand here this morning because of answered prayer. I love giving my testimony. Sometimes it breaks my heart because I don’t deserve the grace and love of Jesus Christ. But when I consider what my life was like and that I can stand here then I give Jesus Christ all the praise, all the glory and all the honour.

Neil McCormack

When I found faith at age 16 I’ve never been the same. Since then I’ve just tried to trust God through so many storms in life. Life is not easy for anybody but knowing that God knows what’s round the corner and up the road for us, we trust in him to strengthen us in our battles and storms. It’s amazing. God’s love is overpowering. It draws a circle and seals every situation and difficulty and every impossibility that we cant get though.

Tracey Reid

I joined the Boy’s Brigade and became friends with Jim Scott. We had to go to the Bible Class on a Sunday although I had no interest in it but we went so that we could get a badge. The sergeant of the Company who took the Bible Class was a born again believer and he would tell us the simple message of the gospel. One day we were invited to a Saturday night meeting and it was then that I gave my heart to the Lord. As I was leaving the church after the meeting I got to the gates of the church and it was if the Spirit of the Lord said ‘go back’. And I did go back and as the minister was locking the door I said to him that I wanted to give me heart to the Lord.

Peter Duncan


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