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For the customers that want a more decadent choice; Zuma Thick Hot Chocolate is the way to go. Mediterranean- inspired and super thick, it is well suited for sipping or dunking sweet treats in to. And for business owners who would like to add a Fairtrade option to their menu, Zuma 100% Fairtrade Dark is an easy way to do so, made using only 100% Fairtrade sugar & cocoa. If customers fancy even more variety; the quick and easy way to customize any drink is to turn to Sweetbird Syrups. Two pumps of a flavour can transform your hot choc into a Black Forest Gateaux, or give it a kick with Sweetbird Chili Syrup. A handy tip for customers that can’t (or don’t want to) make up their mind is to have 6oz cups on hand, using half the amount stated in the instructions, to offer two different types. That way customers get the chance to try two, so it doesn’t matter if it’s thin, dark, light or thick; customers get the best of both worlds.

CASE STUDY: Melice Patisserie partners

with Marimba World Chocolate The aim was to create an authentic French patisserie that serves delicious cakes, sweet and savoury crepes, baguettes, pastries and more. Talking about the launch, Bineta Sow from Melice says:

“We are passionate about creating cakes but even more passionate about letting our customers indulge in gorgeous cakes and delicious drinks. We specialise in authentic French patisseries to bring the true taste of this legendary French passion to our customers. “We have products that meet a wide range of expectations; from the serious cake enthusiast to those just wanting to experience something new and that goes for our drinks range too.”

Prior to launch, the team at Melice were keen to identify a premium drinking chocolate that would mirror its high quality food offer.

Bineta says: “A contact at a local coffee shop

recommended we try Marimba World Chocolate’s ‘Marimba Melts’, which are made with flakes of real single-origin chocolate. We gave it a try and were really impressed with the smooth taste, so we got in touch with the team to introduce all flavours to our menus.” Marimba’s Hot Chocolate Melt drinks are made from flakes of real single-origin chocolate and are available in White, Dark or Milk chocolate varieties. Unlike other hot chocolate drinks, Marimba’s is not made from cocoa powder or flavourings but instead has the equivalent of a whole 40g bar of chocolate in every cup, which is blended with steamed milk. Bineta says: “We introduced all three flavours and they are all very popular. The feedback we receive from customers is very good – they like having the choice of the flavours and are impressed with the depth of quality. I too love them and in fact have a milk chocolate Melt every morning, with a shot of Butterscotch syrup.

“A range of accompaniments are available with every Marimba Melt, including

cream and a choice of up to 10 different syrup shots, which are available for an extra charge and enable Melice’s customers to have their Marimba Melt served just to their liking.” Bineta says it’s been an exciting period since launch and feedback has been so positive. Bineta says: “We have received a score of ‘five out of five’

on TripAdvisor and the reviews we receive on our Facebook page are also highly complementary. Many of our customers love our authenticity, our quality food and drinks, and our overall service and ambience. It’s the place to come for those wanting to enjoy a real treat of all their senses.”

Hot chocolate recipes from DaVinci Gourmet

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Ingredients: Two pumps DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate sauce 1.5 pump DaVinci Gourmet Hazelnut syrup Milk to finish

Method: Mix sauce and syrup together thoroughly and stir in hot milk

Hot Chocolate Orange Ingredients: Two pumps DaVinci Gourmet Orange syrup Two pumps DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate sauce 280ml of milk to finish


Mix sauce and syrup in base of cup, add hot textured milk and stir well To finish, top with whipping cream

Orange Ginger Hot Chocolate Ingredients: Two pumps DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate sauce One pump DaVinci Gourmet Gingerbread syrup One pump DaVinci Gourmet Orange syrup Fill cup with milk to finish


Mix sauce and syrups together thoroughly Stir in hot milk

More information: Bennett Opie +44 (0)1795 476154,

DaVinci Gourmet +44 (0)1784 430777

Delice de France +44 (0)844 49893311

Marimba World Chocolate +44 (0)1279 714527

Matthew Algie 0800 263333,

Zuma Hot Chocolate +44 (0)117 9533522

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