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Marimba World Chocolate has launched retail packs of its Hot Chocolate Melts

Marimba World Chocolate, the Suffolk- based chocolatier, will be officially launching new retail packs of its award- winning Hot Chocolate Melt chocolate flakes. The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts offer a new line of luxury drinking chocolate, which is made of single-origin flaked chocolate. Packaged in

a quality, eye-catching cartons, the retail packs comprise of 250 gram packs, which can make up to six generous servings of Hot Chocolate. They are available in milk, dark and white chocolate and

offer food retailers, cafés, delicatessens, farm shops and other outlets with an opportunity to provide customers with luxury hot chocolate products that will appeal to chocolate fans. Originally launched for consumption in coffee shops and cafés by the chocolatier, Marimba’s Hot Chocolate Melts are today served in hundreds of outlets across the UK. Now, via the new retail packs, Hot Chocolate Melts are available for speciality and fine food retailers, farm shops, cafés and delicatessens to sell directly to consumers who wish to enjoy premium single-origin, real-chocolate drinks at home. Brad Wright, operations manager of Marimba, says: “Since launching the Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts to the out-of-home sector, we have seen fantastic demand and the number of outlets serving our drinks has steadily increased. “We are, therefore, excited to expand our range with the new Marimba Melt retail packs. People love the real- chocolate drinking experience that you get with Marimba’s Melts and so introducing our stylish retail packs means chocolate lovers can now enjoy a truly luxurious drinking chocolate in the comfort of their own home, as well as at their favourite café.” Marimba has hand selected the single-origin chocolate

to produce a high quality drinking chocolate that is easy to blend and smooth to drink. The Dark Marimba Melt is made with 71% Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador, which produces punchy yet highly enjoyable and smooth drink. The Milk chocolate is made from 43% Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans from Venezuela, which produces a sweet and intense hot chocolate, while the White version is made from 31% Sanchez cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, which produce a delicate creamy flavour. Andrew Jack, head of marketing at Matthew

Algie, says his company is helping operators gear up for the chilly months ahead, with the launch of winter drinks recipes aimed at drawing customers in. Andrew says: “Tapping into popular and emerging flavour trends these winter warmers will help operators to provide their customers with an added value experience, which will ultimately enhance loyalty, boost sales and improve margins.

“A key staple of any winter drinks menu is a decadent selection of hot chocolates. This is where our Chocolate Abyss range comes in.”

Chocolate Abyss 40% Cocoa is a rich and velvety smooth drink made with cocoa, sugar and real vanilla and Andrew says it’s a whole different game to mass market drinking chocolate. Andrew says: “For those with a slightly sweeter tooth,

there is the Chocolate Abyss Fairtrade Organic 30% Cocoa. This consists of 100% Fairtrade and Organic ingredients. “Another star product is the luxurious Spicy Chocolate Abyss. This warming drink contains 40% cocoa spiced with a touch of cardamom, cinnamon, natural vanilla and a hint of chilli – satisfying consumer appetite for new twists on classic serves. This is sure to be a hit with customers come winter.” Andrew adds: “With the addition of tempting syrups and toppings (which gives our customers room to increase revenue per drink), operators can offer an indulgent treat for consumers that can’t be replicated at home. Take our Hot Chocolate Orange, for example.

“An indulgent drink filled with the most luxurious cocoa powder and orange syrup, topped with whipped cream and delicious Chocolate Abyss Flakes. All seasonal serves can be personalised with perfectly matched toppings and sauces including Mini Marshmallows, Caramel Crunch Pieces as well as White and Dark Mocha Sauce.” Delice de France/Coup de Pates has introduced a new

range of premium hot chocolate beverages for this winter. Paul Whitely, Delice de France’s brand and communication manager, says: “The Choc-o-Lait is the perfect creation for operators and cafés wishing to offer a premium hot chocolate solution to their customers.

“As with most ideas, the concept is simplicity itself: a wooden stick with a cube of real luxury Belgian Callebaut chocolate at the end. Swirl

it round for a minute in a mug of hot milk (80°C) and you have the most delicious, indulgent hot chocolate.” Available in 10 flavours from Cointreau to Vanilla, Delice de France/Coup de Pates says it is hitting the mark on providing a sustainable solution to the growing drinking chocolate market during its peak seasons. Paul adds: “Another great idea on offer from Delice de France/Coup de Pates this winter is the Mini Chocolate Teaspoons. Great for adding sophistication and engagement to the process of making your own hot chocolate, the spoons are specifically aimed at the hotel and hospitality sector. “Available in dark chocolate only ensures that the rich chocolate flavour is delivered with every stir. The spoons are perfect for both coffee and hot chocolate solutions.” Zuma says its Original Hot Chocolate is a smooth and delicious drink with a traditional taste that every menu needs, whereas Zuma Dark Hot Chocolate cocoa is made with 33% cocoa and so gives a richer and continental taste customers can opt for. Or, for total the opposite, Zuma White Hot Chocolate provides a creamier option that’s packed with cocoa butter which has been described as a cup full of comfort.


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