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The market for drinking chocolate is growing rapidly, with a 5% rise in consumption in 2013. Operators should not underestimate the pulling power of a decent hot chocolate offering.

particularly likes berry flavours, such as Le Fruit de Monin Raspberry or Red Berries. But with more than 100 Monin syrups and sauces to choose from, baristas can experiment with new chocolate combinations and develop signature recipes. James says: “For example, Monin Black Forest syrup has

Premium products are driving the drinking chocolate category, says DaVinci Gourmet

Steph Goldie, brand manager at DaVinci Gourmet, says that drinking chocolate is fast becoming a trend amongst consumers who are looking for a hot caffeine-free option. This type of beverage is an ideal choice for flavour combinations and is key for operators looking to add variation to their menus to entice customers and increase profits. Steph says: “Outlets are constantly facing consumer demand for premium products which highlight a unique and personalised touch. DaVinci Gourmet offers an extensive range of specially formulated flavouring syrups that are free from artificial colouring and flavours and a selection of indulgent sauces to meet these consumer demands. “Drinking chocolate is the perfect choice in winter and

Monin reports that more and more outlets are being imaginative with ingredients and flavour combinations

DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate sauces are an easy way to create deluxe hot chocolates for the ultimate indulgent drink. Cafés can create new flavour beverages such as Hazelnut Hot Chocolate or Orange Ginger Hot Chocolate, which keep seasonal menus fresh and appealing to customers. These unique beverages can be sold under a limited edition ‘seasonal’ or ‘special’ selection, allowing establishments to charge a higher price point to increase profits.” Steph says that sauces and syrups from DaVinci Gourmet have been created to hold up under heat and mix evenly within the drink to ensure the customer’s last sip tastes as great as the first. Steph says: “With the majority of DaVinci Gourmet recipes costing less than 70p per 12oz drink, operators can be happy in the knowledge they are providing quality and on trend drinking chocolate to their customers.” James Coston, Monin’s UK brand ambassador, says:

“More and more cafés, restaurants and bars are taking advantage of this growing popularity by being imaginative with ingredients and flavour combinations. Many are discovering how quick and easy it is to develop drinking chocolate into a range of tempting drinks, using syrups, sauces and frappe powders from Monin. “The great thing about chocolate drinks is that they work well with so many flavours, but I’ve found that some of the best are Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Mint and Coconut.” James says that fruit purees work as well – he said he

the strong chocolate taste and long-lasting cherry after notes of a classic Black Forest gateau. With its rich depth of flavour and rich, dark red colour, it’s the ideal ingredient to transform a standard hot chocolate into something special. “White chocolate is growing in popularity, too; use Le Frappe de Monin Vanilla steamed with 120ml milk, then add raspberry puree for a raspberry and white hot chocolate that will go down a storm.”

James says it is important not to forget the extras. “Why not use a Jammy Dodger biscuit to garnish your raspberry and white hot chocolate? he says. “Toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows are a great way of enticing consumers to customise their drink by spending that little bit extra. The more creative you can be, the better.” James says that seasonal or monthly specials are always popular and recipes themed around local festivals, anniversaries – or even your favourite films or books – are a great conversation starter at the till. “Make sure your specials are advertised effectively both inside and outside your trading area and if possible use A-boards to draw in passing trade. “Monin syrups are good for business because speciality chocolates offer a great GP. A 10ml serving of Monin syrup costs around 8.5p and we recommend charging an additional 50p per flavoured drink.”

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