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Teaforia Tea Powders are available in four flavour variants, including Ginja Ninja

and infusions to choose from, each with a fascinating sourcing story.” For those on the go, there is a choice of Suki Loose Leaf Tea in Pyramids or handy Tea Pockets – for spooning in your own choice of loose leaf tea. Suki Retail Teas are also available to enable customers to experience these delicious teas in the comfort of their own home. The Suki line-up has recently been acknowledged as an industry front-runner at the Great Taste Awards 2014. Apple Loves Mint won 3 gold stars; Peppermint also won 3 gold stars and Breakfast Tea won 1 gold star. The Drury Tea & Coffee Company has

launched a new range of high quality tagged and enveloped teabags under the Drury brand. Drury director Marco Olmi says: “The new range will appeal to a broad cross section of market segments including coffee shops, bars and, in particular, hotels for lounge and bedroom service. They are also suitable for retail resale.”

The new range is available in a choice of five different varieties: English Breakfast; Earl Grey; Green tea; Camomile and Peppermint. Each is packed in a colour-coded plasticised envelope for extended shelf life. Envelopes are packed in individual boxes of 50 with a wholesale price of £2.95. Alternatively, outers of 5 x 50 teabags cost just £13.95, which equates to only 5.6p per cup.

Marco adds: “This is a welcome addition to our tea range and complements our extensive range of pyramid teabags. They are going to find a niche in many types of catering and retail outlets.” Teaforia Tea Powders from Zacely dissolve in water in seconds to create consistent drinks both in and out of the home. The finely ground tea provides a variety of health benefits as well as retaining a quality flavour. The range is now available to retail and foodservice operators in a collection of exciting and innovative new flavours. The new warming Ginja Ninja flavour, uses rooibos tea as a

Simplicitea, instant tea concentrates, from Zacely

base. Rooibos contains a wide array of antioxidants to help protect the body and has been shown to improve circulation whilst lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. The new flavour also encompasses a mix of orange and highly fragrant spices, including ginger, to create a truly comforting beverage. Diana Novoa, Zacely’s co-founder, says: “We are passionate about inventing new and imaginative tea flavours that really capture the public’s imagination and are hoping this innovative blend of ginger and other spices, on a base of rooibos tea, will really deliver a different experience with tea.” Teaforia Tea Powders are available in four flavour variants: Matcha Frappé, Matcha Latte Kudasai, Citrus Zen Matcha and Ginja Ninja. Tapping into the growing trend and demand for Matcha

green tea in the UK, Zacely has developed a range of products. Zacely Matcha Teas are available in three refreshing flavours that can be served chilled or hot: Citrus Zen Matcha, a Matcha Ice Blended Frappe Mix and a Matcha Latte. Diana says: “In a dominated specialty coffee

industry, tea has been left to the traditional yet mundane brewing method of steeping a bag in hot water. The choice consumers get when ordering from a widely varied coffee menu is never offered as an experience to tea lovers. “With the Teaforia range we are aiming to change this and hope to drive growth by boosting sales of tea within foodservice outlets.” Zacely’s Teaforia Tea Concentrates, meanwhile, have been

created for busy outlets looking to offer their customers a broader and more exotic range of iced (and hot) teas. Diana says: “They completely eliminate the need to brew, taking just 30 seconds to create a fantastic range of iced and hot teas. This not only allows for speedy service, but also a consistent serve which is increasingly important to consumers in today’s increasingly competitive out-of-home market.” Teaforia Tea Concentrates are available in four flavour variants: Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea, Assam Black Tea with Strawberry, Jasmine Green Tea with Passion Fruit and Oolong Tea with Peach. Teaforia Tea Pockets are highly concentrated blends of high grade tea that can create up to two litres of iced tea with just one pocket, which, Diana says, offers value for money and strong profit margins to operators. After winning seven awards at this year’s Great Taste

Awards, Joe’s Tea Co. has launched a new green tea, Queen of Green.

Joe Kinch, founder of Joe’s Tea Co. says: “There are so

many green teas out there, so we wanted to take our time with ours to make sure we got it right. We’re so happy with the result. We’ve sourced a great tasting tea, lighter and


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