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Mulmar Foodservice Solutions this year celebrates 25 years in business and the company continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Pictured (left to right) are: Agostino Luggeri and Enzo Frangiamore

From an outsider’s perspective, Mulmar Foodservice Solutions is a friendly company that knows its business and customers – and that is exactly how the company wants to be known by customers new and old. Managing director Agostino Luggeri and sales director Enzo Frangiamore run the business from the Mulmar head office in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

In the early days, Mulmar was in the soft ice cream business, as the roasted ground coffee market had not yet taken off in the UK and the duo felt they needed something for the summer period.

Agostino says: “Our involvement in the ice cream market wasn’t long lasting – the Americans took over the UK ice cream market, moving the goalposts, with better mass produced product which had a huge effect on the UK ice cream market. “At that time, however, the coffee shop explosion was beginning. We were invited to the United States and we could see the potential, as most things in the US come to the UK at some point.”

Passion and innovation sums up the Mulmar philosophy

Mulmar started touting for chain business. Its first customer was the Seattle Coffee Company, prior to its acquisition by Starbucks. Mulmar also supplied Coffee Republic and it has supplied Caffè Nero since its launch in the UK. Agostino says: “The speciality coffee market hasn’t yet peaked in the UK and there is room for more chains and a huge amount of space for independents. The market has gone full circle – independents want to do things differently from the chains and they have the ability to be more creative.” Enzo says: “Younger operators are coming into the market looking at new ideas. Coffee has replaced the pub – the café is the place for the younger generation. People don’t go to the pub after work anymore, it’s expensive, the café is very much the meeting point for the society that we live in today.” Mulmar employs 92 members of staff and has 45 vans

on-the-road. With a complete service across the UK, Enzo says that the company is proud that first-time fix

rates are in the high 90s. Enzo says: “To achieve that has required a whole range of things to be put into place, with the right components on vans – on average, £12,000 of spare parts are stored on one of our vans.” Agostino says: “We’ve learnt over the years that we genuinely only sell the right piece of kit for the right job – we’re not interested in selling one big brand only. We have several brands and we believe in selling customers what they need to do a good job.

“I’d like to think that customers stay with us because

we are honourable – if we mess up, we’ll put our hands up and put it right; that’s our biggest virtue. Customers do come and go. The corporate world is a bit more aggressive than it used to be – since the recession its got harder and harder and the demands are so great. “We can’t have engineers parked outside waiting for machines to break down. We have to manage our engineers the best that we can.”

On the subject of service, Agostino says that his company’s service operation has grown 20-fold. Agostino says: “We were a sales orientated company with some service, but we’re now completely a service company with sales.” Enzo adds: “We are a stereotypical business – we treat all businesses the same, irrespective of whether they are independents or multinationals. If you have good relationships with people it makes it easier to work with them and develop the businesses, as well as any challenges.” Looking ahead, Agostino says that one area that the company is exploring is micro roasting. The company ranges Diedrich Roasters, an American manufacturer of green bean roasting machines. Agostino says: “There are a lot of independents that want

to roast their own coffee – that’s how far it’s come – from independents not understanding roasted fresh bean coffee, to wanting to do it on their own. Micro roasting is a big new area for us to get into.”

More information: Mulmar Foodservice Solutions +44 (0)845 6885282,

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