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espresso machines. Bill Davy, sales manager at The Coffee Machine Company,

says: “The Egro ‘ONE’ machine is the epitome of the latest state-of-the-art technology. Distinctive features include the brand-new graphic interface with a 5.7in touch screen display in full colour and a rapid dropdown intuitive menu to help make a barista’s life easier.”

The multipage colour system enables the barista to

choose from 48 products, each one with its own attractive user-friendly icon. ‘ONE’ also offers the option of uploading and customising screensavers, displaying promotional images or videos as drinks are served or teaching baristas by showing demonstration videos. Bill says: “The Ergo One is also available in a keypad (push button) version that will be appreciated by customers with more traditional tastes. It has a user-friendly 10-key keypad for selecting five, nine or 16 drinks. The drinks selection graphics can be easily customised by the user, while the LCD display enables the barista to check on the progress of the order and the status of machine’s functions. “It is equipped with a USB port as standard so the

machine’s data and work parameters can be loaded quickly and easily. However, the real success of this model has been down to quality of the espresso produced by the all-metal brewing group, coupled with many other features, such as the special automatic cleaning cycle and the patented Rancilio I-Steam, an automatic steam wand that is widely regarded as the best on the market and is now available as an option on most Egro models. These stand- out features coupled with its small footprint make the Egro ‘ONE’ a leader in its class.” Leading German manufacturer of top end bean-to-cup

espresso coffee makers, Sielaff, has announced the launch of its latest bean-to-cup model, the Siamonie. Karen Nash, general manager of Sielaff, says: “The Siamonie builds on the success of the company’s Piacere model, which has been the company’s best seller for several years. The new model uses top quality components, largely

The Sielaff Siamonie Touch Duo

made in-house by Sielaff to traditional German standards of workmanship. “It offers 34 freely programmable drink selections from a

30ml ristretto to 500ml of long black coffee. It features a fresh milk module with a choice of push-button or touch screen operation – all of which makes it perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Other model variants are available with a powdered milk hopper.” Karen adds: “Besides offering barista quality coffee selections, the Siamonie is probably the most stylish bean-to- cup machine on the market and its design is more aesthetic than its predecessor with a sleek curved door panel. The Siamonie Touch Duo is equipped with a modern interactive touch sensitive operating screen in place of buttons and the screen is available in a choice of languages and may be personalised with imagery, logos and client-specific text.” Further high-performance options available from the Impressa

XJ5 Professional and The Jura Giga X8 by Swiss manufacturer Jura. Always a company with plenty of innovation in its R7D

mix, JURA says it offers the ideal coffee solution for busy barista bars, restaurants, bistros and other catering spaces in the form of its Impressa XJ5 Professional and its GIGA X8 Professional, specialist coffee machines.

Designed to deliver high performance alongside sleek elegant looks, Jura says the machines will make a real impact to any establishment looking to deliver high quality coffee. The Impressa XJ5 Professional is about ease of use. At just the touch of a button, it enables two coffees, two espressos or two ristretti to be produced at once. The high capacity 500g bean container and 4L water tank removes the need for constant refilling. A clear operating panel with direct buttons means it’s easy to operate and maintain. With the GIGA X8 Professional, speed is of the essence. This high performance machine comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to high-quality coffee within just a few seconds. The 5L water tank and large coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use. Three thermoblocks and three pumps means the machine can prepare a range of 29 speciality coffees at the touch of a button. Ceramic grinders ensure even grinding of the coffee beans for optimum aroma.

More information: Cimbali +44 (0)208 2387100,

The Coffee Machine Company +44 (0)207 2376862,

Franke Coffee Systems +44 (0)1923 635700,

Sielaff UK Limited +44 (0)1992 743010,

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland +44 (0)1908 275520,

WMF +44 (0)1895 816100, Jura +44 (0)1282 868266,

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