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on those quiet days. TurboSteam 4 can heat as little as 50ml of milk so there’s no waste when just one hot drink is required.” TurboSteam is available as an option on selected models

across Cimbali’s range of traditional and semi-automatic machines. Elaine Higginson, managing director UCC Coffee UK

& Ireland, says: “Coffee machine technology continues to improve as consumers demand better quality coffee. Operators who are investing in new equipment should be looking for speed, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency to reduce running costs whilst boosting profits by delivering consistent quality drinks.

Eversys e’4, from UCC Coffee, can brew four coffees simultaneously and up to 350 an hour without compromising on quality

Matt Tuffee, sales and marketing manager at Cimbali, says: “In a typical quick serve environment, someone is given the task of checking the grinder during each shift to make sure that no adjustments are required. These ‘espresso checks’ can be tricky and are often forgotten about especially when there are queues at the till. “As a result, over a period of time the coffee quality can deteriorate. Our new S54 PGS offers a failsafe way to deliver coffee to a pre-determined quality without the need for regular checking and adjustments, freeing up staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.” Other key features include: Cimbali’s patented

Turbosteam which allows the hands free heating and frothing of large volumes of milk creating a dense and velvety cream; the patented Smart Boiler system which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity to avoid a drop in output during busy periods; plus Thermodrive, which allows an individual water temperature to be set for each group according to the coffee blend and type of drink being prepared.”

The S54 Dolcevita series from Cimbali is the company’s first bean-to-cup machine to benefit from its perfect grinding system technology

Matt says: “PGS technology was originally only available on our M39 traditional espresso machine via the Magnum on Demand Grinder. Such has been the impact, that we are now rolling it out across our product portfolio, initially on other traditional machines such as the M100 but now to our super automatic range too where it plays a vital part in driving up beverage standards within a pressurised environment.” Meanwhile, Cimbali’s TurboSteam technology has been enhanced to cater for the demands of the speciality coffee menu by delivering silky, textured milk at up to four different temperatures. TurboSteam 4 milk management system comprises a

temperature sensing steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the hands free heating or frothing of large amounts of milk. When the milk reaches the programmed

temperature, TurboSteam 4 stops automatically, creating frothed milk with a consistent taste and texture. TurboSteam 4 has four pre-set options and each setting can be tailored for a different drink for example, cappuccino, flat white, latte and even hot chocolate where you may want to set the temperature that little bit higher. Matt says: “TurboSteam 4 has four options on milk temperature to give greater flexibility across the menu. It’s not a problem

busy cafés with high footfall and on-the-go consumers. “The machine features two group heads that are each supplied by an individual brew unit, a feature that is exclusive to the e’4. The brewing unit mirrors the actions of a barista using a traditional espresso machine, meaning the best taste and texture is delivered with every extraction.” The Coffee Machine Company, importers of Swiss-

made Egro espresso equipment, distributes the Egro ‘ONE’ machine, which it describes as one of the most advanced bean-to-cup coffee machines available on the UK market. Egro is owned by Rancilio, renowned Italian manufacturers of with over 75 years’ experience of building high-end

“One of the newest developments on the bean-to-cup market is our Eversys e’4. This machine is a highly functional, efficient piece of kit at the forefront of energy saving technology. It can produce twice the number of coffees as any other machine on the market, without increasing energy consumption. It can brew four coffees simultaneously and up to 350 an hour without compromising on quality – perfect for


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