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Essential Café takes a look at the abilities of the modern automatic coffee machine and finds out there is much more to the current crop than just convenience.

WMF says that its latest launch aims to improve the quality of filter coffee. The company says that filter coffee is in resurgence as ‘real’ coffee lovers are rediscovering the pure cup of coffee; no foam, no sprinkles, no added flavours. Dedicated filter coffee cafés are popping up everywhere and hotels and restaurants are now offering filter coffee alongside their espresso-based drinks. The latest addition to the WMF family of automatic coffee machines, the 1200F, aims to help operators address this trend. Marcus Gansloser, managing director of WMF UK, says: “The 1200F has been launched with a view to eventually replace

the prestoF and brings our filter coffee solution up to date, in line with the 1200S that was launched last year. “It has increased power for higher volume throughput and better dispensing solutions for jugs. In line with our brand values of functionality, design, quality and innovation, the 1200F is simple to use for the operator, but also for the consumer, where sited in a self-service environment and can even be fitted with a coin mechanism.” Marcus says the 1200F is ideal for those with a small to

WMF’s Steam Jet technology can be used to heat the cup prior to dispensing coffee

medium demand for a high quality filter coffee. The 1200F is available with one or two grinders, enabling the operator to provide both regular and decaffeinated coffee. Drinks are dispensed either at the front, to cups and small

jugs from the height adjustable spout, or via the brew arm to jugs up to 2.5l in capacity, which can be located on either side of the machine. The 1200F is currently only available as a plumbed in machine with a constant water supply, but there are a number of eco-modes that enable the operator to save money on energy; the machine will automatically switch off after 10 minutes of inactivity, but will take just 15 seconds to heat up again, ready for its next dispense. Marcus says: “With a footprint measuring just 324mm x 599mm and with a daily capacity of up to 180 cups or 20 litres of hot water per hour, this machine comes with the following top class features, including height adjustable spout for cups and small jugs between 59-169mm; brewing arm (positioned left or right at time of ordering) for flasks up to 355mm tall or 2.5 litres in capacity; 30g brew unit for high volumes up to 500ml and it will dispense 0.5 litres in just 65 seconds.”

WFT says its 1500S collection features ‘cutting edge’ technology. Designed to mirror the style of its big brother, the 8000S, with an 8in LCD MMI screen for operator interaction, Marcus says the 1500S is eye-catching as well as functional, and offers many enhanced features from a compact footprint; the WMF 1500S measures just 325mm wide. Marcus says: “With a wide drinks capability the 1500S will enhance the hot beverage offer for the smaller operator, whether located front or back of house (the touch screen makes it ideally suited to self-service) and will make the selection of a drink effortless for consumer or catering operator. “The addition of the 1500S to our portfolio of new generation machines continues along the new course set by WMF at the end of last year. We continue to boost the benefits to operators by including enhancements in technology in our machines and retain our cores values of great design, superior build quality, functionality and innovation. Our belief is still to deliver benefits to the operator in order to help grow their business and this coffee machine comes loaded with features to uphold that objective.” As with all WMF automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, the operator can bespoke the unit to suit their requirements, but the base model has an improved Americano bypass, which creates a smoother coffee with a cleaner flavour, selectable mood lighting, a Basic Steam Wand, to foam milk by hand, and the new Steam Jet which is able to give a

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