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OCTOBER 2014 The Center 4 Life Change: Where Freedom is Possible By Jeffrey E. Forbes The Center for Life Change, located in the Temecula Valley is a non-profit

drug and alcohol treatment facility, providing an evidenced based treatment model, “that every family can afford.” Long time Temecula resident and founder of The Center, Felicia Durling, had a vision over 15 years ago to provide her city with a community resource center “…where families would receive the needed support to navigate through the treatment process.” “It’s complicated for fami- lies,” says Durling. “Families need the support of having a counselor help them through the entire process. Our low cost, four month adult and adolescent out- patient programs are helping families heal. We have been seeing family after fam- ily find total recovery, it’s truly a blessing.” The Center’s mission is to stand with families through the longevity of their needs while providing a safe place to heal. Opening its doors in 2012, The Center solely offered individual counseling

and coaching. With such community demand, The Center then opened an out- patient treatment program and continued its expansion. The Center offers treat- ment at ¼ of the cost of traditional treatment and provides income-based fees and sliding scales. Their mission is to never turn away a person in need. They are able to ensure treatment continuity by having a multitude of collaborative agencies providing resources. Continuity of care is essential to ensure the min- imal potential for relapse. Since some clients not yet ready to commit to long-term residential care,

the Center provides one of the few affordable intensive outpatient treatment pro- grams in the area. Many clients find their highly effective clinical model of treat- ment, allows them the opportunity to recover in an outpatient setting. For those needing additional support, The Center will assist in the referral process to match the care with the acuity of the need. “There are many options for long term restoration programs or insurance based inpatient treatment facilities, and The Center can help families find the right care for their loved one.” The family becomes part of the recovery process by participating in The

Center’s family support groups. Substance abuse not only impacts the individ- ual, but everyone committed to that individual. The Center aims at providing healing for each of the components that impact the person suffering from ad- dictive disorders. Families suffer greatly as they are faced with the destructive consequences that addiction can cause within relationships, and The Center un- derstands that the road to recovery is fragile for every member of the family. The Center works with trusted providers in the Temecula Valley, not only pro-

viding therapy and referral resources, but education and workshops on site. The workshops and parent support groups aim to educate parents about chemical dependency while providing the real tangible skill sets that are needed to begin their own recovery process. The weekly parent support group is offered as a free resource for anyone seeking guidance and support, exclusively for the parent of the child that struggles with chemical abuse or dependency. One of the most powerful indicators of a successful program is firsthand

testimony of one of the clients. The following Center graduate was more than happy to share her personal story of recovery.

The Center Staff (L To R) Melissa Kirk, Clinical Nutritionist Counselor, RRW; Felicia Durling, CADC II, ICADC, CPC, Founder/ Executive Director; Andrea Salzburn, Clinical Coordinator/ Director Of Par- ent Program; Ricky Sanchez, Intern RRW.

The Center provides the following services on site:

• Intensive Outpatient Treatment (9 hours/week) • Adolescent Outpatient Treatment (6 hours/week) • Detox Evaluation and Referral • Individual and Family Group Counseling • Family Case Management • Individual Counseling and Coaching • Drug Testing • Mandate Reporting • Coordination of Care with your physician • Letters for Court

• Groups: Men’s Group, Women’s Group, Anxiety and Depres- sion, Parent Support, Spouse of the Addict

“Hi, my name is Angie. I have been wrestling with a heroin and meth addic-

tion for more than half my life. I had been through 10 different inpatient facilities but I knew this time was different. I entered the Outpatient Treatment Program at The Center where I attended 3 days a week and worked through the relapse prevention education for 4 months. I am now graduated and in aftercare along with continued sober coaching, therapy, AA meetings and have a sponsor. I have now remained clean and sober for 8 months, praise God! The Center for Life Change is available to provide hope to you and your fam-

ily, your loved ones, and your community. Freedom IS possible……If you would like to learn more visit or call 951-775-4000. The Cen- ter is a non-profit resource center to The Temecula Valley. If would like to be- come a financial partner or volunteer please contact The Center today. 43391 Business Park Drive C3 Temecula, CA 92590 951-775-4000

Watch for future articles from The Center for Life Change aimed at Groups are formed to serve various needs.

helping families and individuals understand behaviors and find solu- tions on topics like; Relapse Prevention, Support for Parents of Addicts, Divorce Intervention and Drug Information. Also, Nutrition for Health and Nutrition for Recovery.

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