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Cross Connection Control notice: Lawn sprinkler and outside faucet winterization reminder for Lombard residents

With the change in season approaching, it is time to winterize your lawn irrigation systems, outside hose bibs, and faucets. Lawn irrigation systems require a backfl ow preventer per the

Village’s Cross Connection Control Ordinance. If your backfl ow preventer is located outdoors, remember to remove and store it someplace warm for the winter.

Allowing it to freeze is a costly mistake. Remember where you stored it, as you will need to give the backfl ow preventer to your lawn irrigation contractor or plumber next spring to re- install it.

Illinois Plumbing Code requires that your backfl ow preventer be tested immediately upon re-installation of your backfl ow preventer every season.

Annual tests must be performed by a certifi ed tester and be submitted to the Village of Lombard’s Cross Connection

Control Program contractor, Aqua Backfl ow, for compliance. If you have or require backfl ow protection, you may be notifi ed for compliance (testing, repairs, installations, inspections, or surveys) by Aqua Backfl ow, Lombard’s backfl ow management fi rm. Any questions can be directed to the Village of Lombard Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740 or via email at publicworks@ villageofl

The Village of Lombard’s Department of Public Works will undertake a pilot program this fall to post no-mow signs around low-lying areas in certain Village- owned stormwater detention basins. According to Assistant Director of Public Works Dave Gorman, the goals are to dissuade geese, clean stormwater runoff, halt erosion and reduce mowing costs. On occasion, the Village’s mowing contractor has had equipment become mired in some of these areas. The fi ve locations in the program are at Main Street and Wilson Avenue, Grace Street and Central Avenue, the north side of Morris Pond west of Main Street, the shoreline of Vista Pond, and the shoreline of the Municipal Complex’s pond at 255 E. Wilson.

8 The Pride

No-mow areas introduced in Lombard detention basins this fall Words

The vegetation in many of these basins has included cattails, which will be allowed to expand to larger areas inside a delineation of signs.


Questions may be directed to publicworks@ villageofl ombard. org or (630) 620- 5740.

be directed to

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