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Security Alarm Licensing Guidelines All security alarm systems within the Vil- lage of Lombard require alarm permits. These permits are valid from September 1 to August 31 each year. Annual fees are $30 for residen- tial alarm permits and $50 for business alarm permits. After March 1st fees are pro-rated to $15.00 for new residential alarm permits and $25.00 for new business alarm permits. Questions? Please call the Business Adminis- trator at (630) 620-5913.

No Solicitors, Please Residents may post a “No Peddlers/Solici-

tors Allowed on Premises” seal on their front door. Seals are available at the Village Hall for $.50. It is a violation of Lombard ordinance if peddlers or solicitors fail to leave at your request.

Planning a Move?

Before you move, be sure to notify the Village concerning your water/sewer account. Give ample notice for a fi nal reading; a week is preferred. New owners should contact water billing 2 - 4 days prior to possession to avoid disconnection of service. Questions? Contact the Water Billing Division at 620-5920. If you should reach our voice mail during busy times or after hours, please leave a message with the moving date and forward- ing address information.

Commuter Parking Lots The Village offers quarterly parking permits at several locations in the Village of Lombard, all in close proximity to the Lombard Metra station. Regular commuters may purchase quarterly parking permits on a fi rst come, fi rst served basis. Persons wishing to purchase a permit for the fi rst time for either of these per- mit only parking lots should contact the Village for availability information. Please note that to be eligible to purchase permits for the resident only parking areas, you must be a resident of incorporated Lombard. Once you become a Commuter Parking Permit holder, Commuter parking permits are renewable by mail before the start of a new quarter.

For both regular commuters and occasional commuters, daily fee parking spaces are avail- able in several locations near the Lombard Metra station. The cost to park in a daily fee lot is $1.25/day (please refer to the Commuter Parking Map on the Village website for the location of these lots).

For the most recent commuter parking information, go to the Village’s website at www. villageofl You may also call (630) 620-5907 or email commuterparking@villageo- fl with any questions. To sign up for updates and email notifi cations specifi cally re- lated to the Metra Tunnel Construction Project, go to www.villageofl or email with the subject line “Please add to Metra email listserv”.

Welcome Home Veterans program available to residents

This year, Village of Lombard’s Commu- nity Relations Committee recently initiated a “Welcome Home Veterans Program,” a way for the Village to honor Lombard residents re- turning home from serving our country. Trustee Dan Whittingon, Chairman of the committee, said the idea stemmed from an instance last winter when a family friend was returning home from service in Afghanistan. Whittington worked with the Lombard Police and Fire Departments to honor the returning veteran at his Lombard home and wanted to make sure all residents who knew of some- one who had fi nished service could do the same. Lombard Police Sergeant William Marks has been the leader of similar wel- come home processions in Lombard through-

out the years, but said he is happy to work with the Village on formalizing the process. Through the new program, residents who know of a returning veteran can go to www. villageofl and fi ll out a form. The form includes the name of the returning man or woman, a brief biography, details about their service and where and when the requested welcome home will take place. Requestors will receive a response within 72 hours of submission from the desig- nated contact at Village Hall.

From there, Sgt. Marks and the Commu- nity Relations Committee will coordinate with Police, Fire, elected offi cials and local the VFW Lilac Post 5815 to make sure the Vil- lage provides a warm welcome home.

Are we friends?

The Village of Lombard continues to grow its social media presence as a way to connect and commu- nicate with residents and members of the commu- nity. Follow or “friend” the Village of Lombard’s social media accounts to get regular news updates, pho- tos and information about upcoming events. Here’s how to reach us: villageofl ombard

@LilacVillage lilacvillage/ villageofl ombard LilacVillage villageofl ombard

If you have any sug- gestions for the Village of Lombard’s social media accounts or how we can better serve the community, email communications@ villageofl There are so many ways to reach the Village - come fi nd us online!

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