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onto my hand willingly, without biting and receives her treat for doing so. She enjoys to lay on my lap whilst I stroke her head and her beak, the beak that would once pierce my skin so often. Molly loves to be sung to, and she falls asleep on my arm. My children can stroke her head through the bars of her cage, and my husband, who she would hiss and lunge at in her cage; can now talk to her through the bars, take treats from his hand, and mimic the words she knows to him. We have still got a long way to go. My

next step is to have Molly come out of the cage when one member of the family is in the room, of course I will stay out of the room because she is bonded to me, but I can now teach my family members how to reinforce good behaviour like I do. Hopefully one day we can let her join us at the table, watch TV out of her cage with us, even come in the shower but that would be out of the question just yet!!! I’m leaving those decisions for Molly, however we will endeavour to help her make up her mind, and in her own time!! I am very grateful to Barbara for her techniques that were suitable for my individual bird; without these techniques that have helped me understand my bird unfortunately I may have given up and parted with my beautiful Blue-fronted Amazon. I would urge anyone in this situation to not give up, but on the other hand do not punish yourself if you have to resort to re homing your bird. If you can just manage to spend some time researching what will work for your bird


then you may find that you can live in harmony with your beloved companion parrot.

I have had to learn that what we may want from our bird isn’t what she/he wants at the moment, but that’s not to say she/he won’t change its mind in the future! I hope I have encouraged even just one person by this story? Don’t give up hope, there is help out there. If you find yourself in a similar situation to mine, just pause a minute and ask yourself what is my parrot thinking right now, how do they see the situation through their eyes? Keep calm, smile at them and try again, even if you are afraid inside, try not to show it! You will be pleasantly surprised, when the bird that you so feared, that annoyed, or ruled the roost, will warm to you and behave the way that suits you both! If I can do this, then so can you!



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