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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 27 Issue 9 September 2014


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Maine Coastal News FREE Last Four Lobster Boat Races of Season Done!

Bryant Kennedy's MADISON ALEXA, an Osmond 37 powered with a 500-hp Cummins, running up the course for a second place fi nish in Diesel Class H at Winter Harbor.

WINTER HARBOR, PEMAQUID, LONG ISLAND and PORTLAND: Following the Stonington Lobster Boat Races racers had almost a month off. Normally we would have been racing at Friendship and Harp- swell but those races were cancelled earlier this year. Racing to date has been the best in years and that can be attributed to the new boats and the close racing they have had. Now comes the last four races of the year on two successive weekends; the fi rst two would be Winter Harbor on 9 August and Pemaquid 10 August.

Racers have been blessed all year with great weather and when I arrived at Winter Harbor it was one of those perfect summer mornings, bright sun, not a cloud in the sky, temperature in the 60s, and no breeze. The Winter Harbor race committee has been planning for this event for more than a year as this was their fi ftieth anniversary. One draw for racers was the four wheel drive pick-up truck they were giving away along with a Carolina Skiff and outboard. They also had very special awards made by Nau- tilus Marine of Trenton carved out of marble. When sign-ups were completed about 1030 hrs. there were 117 boats entered, this big- gest race to-date.

There were a number of boats signed up that had not raced before and they in- cluded: Zach Piper’s OVERTIME [BHM 25; 210-hp Cummins] in Diesel Class A; Kyle Knowles’ SINSATION [BHM 32;

225-hp John Deere] of Gouldsboro and Jack Thibeault’s CHRISTINE B. [BHM 32; 225-hp John Deere] both in Diesel Class B; Phil Torrey’s AZURE BAILEY [Young Brothers 40; 420-hp] in Class F; Roy Wha- len’s HANNAH MARIE [Wayne Beal 40; 500-hp C9 Caterpillar] in Diesel Class H; Jordyn Knowles’ GRUMPY [Newman 46; 685-hp Detroit] from Gouldsboro in Class J; and Michael Sargent’s SEVEN ANGELS [Osmond 42; 700-hp Scania] from Sullivan; Don Crowley’s MISS CHRISS [Bruno 42; 405-hp Cummins]; Trevor Jessimen’s MISS BEHAVIN’ [45 Guimond; 320-hp Cater- pillar]; Danny Whitaker’s CRUSTACEAN FRUSTRATION [Dixon 45; 740-hp]; and Gerard Coffi n’s HAMMER DOWN [Os- mond 42; 580-hp Cummins] all in Class M. There were a couple of new boats that had not raced this year. One was Michael Faulkingham’s CAPTAIN COLE [South Shore 41; 700-hp FPT]; and another was Verrill Pinkham’s SEA MONSTER [Repco 42; 405-hp Cummins] both in Diesel Class M.

There are no work boat classes at Winter

Harbor. So the racing started with the fi ve Gasoline Classes. There was only one en- trant in Class A (4 & 6 cylinder 24 feet and over), James West’s INDIAN OUTLAW [Holland 22; I/O: 170-hp GMC], so he was given the win and ran down with Class B (V-8 up to 375 cid, 24 feet and up). In Class B was Doug Dodge’s BRENDA [26’ Doug Dodge, 350 Chevrolet] and Walter Rich’s WIDE OPEN [26’ Robert Rich; 350 Chev- rolet]. As the three came to the line the real battle was going to be between BRENDA and WIDE OPEN. As they screamed up the course, BRENDA slowly worked her way into the lead and crossed the fi nish line with a two boat length lead. The only boat that has been at every race so far this year has been Randy Durkee’s BLACK DIAMOND [Hol- land 32, 454 Chevrolet]. He was competing in Class C (V8, 376 to 525 cid, 28 feet and over) against Fred Young’s WANDA LOU [Repco 30; 455 Oldsmobile], who just did not have enough for BLACK DIAMOND. Next up was Class D (376 to 540 cid, 24 feet and over (Non-working racer)) with two entries Shawn Alley’s LITTLE GIRLS

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[28’ Calvin Beal Jr.; 514 Ford] and Bruce Engert’s THUNDERBOLT [South Shore 30; 496 Chevrolet]. As they neared the fi nish line LITTLE GIRLS had slowly worked her way into the lead for the win. In Class E (V-8, Over 525 cid, 28 feet and over, super- chargers/Turbos) Galen Alley had signed up FOOLISH PLEASURE [30’ Custom Riley Beal; 712 Ford], but he never made it to the starting line. It was said that he came off the trailer at Winter Harbor Marine and on his way to the starting line he developed an engine issue and was done for the day. Up fi rst in the Diesel Classes was Class

A (Up to 235 hp, 24 to 31 feet) and fi rst over the line by several boat lengths was Thomas Young’s ETHAN R. [South Shore 30; 225- hp John Deere]. In Class B (Up to 235 hp, 32 feet and over) there were nine entrants. When the flag dropped Steve Carver’s BIGGER DIRLS [Holland 32, 225-hp John Deere] took the lead. His lead continued to grow, and the battle was now for second, which went to Chad Libby’s MYRTLE BELLE [Libby 34, 205-hp John Deere]. In Class C (236 to 335 hp, 24 to 33 feet) David Grant’s EASY MONEY [Northern Bay 28; 218-hp Sisu] was back for his second race of the year and went on for the easy win. Second went to Chris Pope’s OLD SCHOOL [28’ Crowley-Beal, 270-hp Cummins] from Swan’s Island. Dana Beal’s RIGHT STUFF

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