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Foreward Dear Readers,

Shift of environment and lifestyle is a continuous process, but the rate at which it is happening now has become a subject of discussion all across the sector. The leaders in the industry are already giving a tough thought on this subject and on how to keep the ball rolling for an effective patient care system.

With this in mind we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management and the reading starts with a flashlight on medical imaging where we present the views of Sir Arthur F. Pease on how data fusion will transform tomorrow's operating rooms.

With an innovative approach on the horizon of future healthcare, our next artcile“An app a day: enabling the digital doctor” describes how the health industry prepares to deliver cost-effective new ways to engage patients and deliver care, anywhere, anytime.

There has often been a regrettable tendency among emerging health economies to copy some of the less effective elements of high-cost Western healthcare system, but the best results are likely to come from thinking in terms of a low-cost system of care is explained in our next byline by KPMG.

With the shift of more than 5 million people to cities every month, encouraging healthier behavior in the fast moving urban life and access to high-quality medical care has become more important than ever. And the steps cities, communities or regions of all sizes and stages of development can take to begin this transformation in explained in our next piece.

Our next section covers the topic of aging society by first explaining the role of care givers in ageing America followed by a case study on how clinical desktop solution transforms patient care experience at a busy hospital.

There after, keeping Singapore as an example where with an increasingly aging society, the number of hip fractures is expected to increase to 9,000 in 2050 from 1,300 in 1998. Rajiv Ghatikar speaks about fast and effective joint replacements.

After years of glaring disparities in the healthcare sector, it is time that the system is streamlined to bring efficient care within our grasp. We, at Hospital & Healthcare Management are committed to keep you in sync with the latest developments in the dynamic field of Healthcare Management.

And with this in mind we look forward to keep accessible and effective healthcare at our top priority.

Until we meet again!!

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