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TM EXHIBITOR DESCRIPTIONS TOPBUILDER SOLUTIONS www.TopBuilderSolu Booth #1105 (281) 793-3374

TopBuilder Solu ons is a leading provider of Home Builder Customer Rela onship Management (CRM) and Branded Email Marke ng so - ware. We are the only company that combines Home Builder Customer Rela onship Management (CRM), Lead Management, Automated and Customizable Follow-up Plans, Branded Email Marke ng, and a Home Builder Newsle er. If you want to sell more homes, it only makes sense to have these tools in one, easy-to-use, aff ordable solu on.


TRANE Booth #616 (860) 704-6829

Arc resistant CSST for natural and propane gas featuring the new AutoS- nap lightning fast fi  ng.

Booth #1205 (903) 581-3200 A brand of Ingersoll Rand, Trane helps improve lives around the world through innova ve hea ng and air condi oning systems, services and solu ons. Trane is a world leader in crea ng and sustaining safe, com- fortable and effi cient environments.


Booth #813 (800) 874-2333

Trim-Tex is the premier manufacturer of rigid vinyl corner beads & deco- ra ve beads with over 40 years of experience providing drywall fi nishing solu ons in the residen al and commercial building industry. All Trim- Tex corner beads are made with at least 70% recycled content, allowing Trim-Tex to off er green cer fi ed products in over 200 rigid vinyl shapes in more than 600 styles & lengths to meet your drywall fi nishing needs.

TRUTANKLESS Booth #204 (855) To Buy Tru

NAHB Home Tech Product of 2014, trutankless has transformed the tra- di onal wasteful ugly process of providing hot water for homes and busi- nesses into a feature packed powerhouse of cu ng edge cloud based technology. A device that not only provides endless hot water but can be controlled remotely through its own app and even schedule its own repairs and order its own replacement parts if a problem occurs.

ULTRA-TEC Booth #1312 (800) 851-2961 Ultra-tec® hardware is architecturally designed for a clean, streamlined look, some of which even hide inside your end posts. Tamper resistant and requiring virtually no maintenance, our cable railing components are economical and easy to install. They complement your exterior deck view and preserve spaciousness for your interior applica on.


Booth #917 (214) 381-8405

Since 1985, Verona Marble Company has been serving the residen al and commercial stone industry a unique off ering of both natural and en- gineered  les and slabs. The unique partnership of the manufacturing excellence of Santa Margherita and the decades of logis cal and techni- cal knowledge of Verona Marble Company add up to the most experi- enced team in the engineered and natural stone world. We have the material your client is looking for.


Booth #315 (210) 402-3223

Hebel is the world market leader in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Industry. It has been u lized through Europe for more than 80 years and has proven its worth in the interna onal market for safe, innova ve and sustainable building solu ons. Hebel is the number one fast-track construc on projects na onwide through energy-effi cient, eco-friendly, easy-to-install building blocks and panels. In fact, Hebel is a masonry product with in-built insula on to improve energy ra ngs.

WOODTONE Booth #901 (800) 663-9844

At Woodtone we make innova ve wood products and provide services that make homes look great. We stand behind our products and services, we live up to our promises, and quite simply, we’re just good people. A cornerstone to Woodtone’s growth and success has been innova on. We con nue to push the envelope in terms of exterior fi nishing materials and custom coa ng op ons that increase curb appeal and dependability.


Booth #1107 (972) 424-9070

We design and implement video surveillance and access control system for protec on of single and mul -site opera ons. We engineer cost ef- fec ve and purpose built solu ons for schools, hospitals, government and commercial clients.

WATERFURNACE Booth #914 (260) 615-5167 WaterFurnace manufactures and sells more geothermal HVAC systems for homes than anyone else in the business. We off er a wide variety of residen al geothermal HVAC, water hea ng and cooling products. Our dealers and installers are the most highly trained in the industry. We are wholeheartedly commi ed to customer support. All that makes us the fi rst, and smartest, choice for a residen al WaterFurnace system: the HVAC system that’s “Smarter from the ground up.”

WEYERHAEUSER WILSONART, LLC Booth #401 (281) 931-1722 Building products world distribu on.

Booth #1215 (713) 576-5500

Global manufacturer of high pressure decora ve laminate. WINDSOR DOOR

Booth #816 (972) 670-7737 Windsor Door has been manufacturing and supplying garage doors for builders for over 50 years. We manufacture a full line of custom and steel doors, including a green line of doors that are energy effi cient and sus- tainable.


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