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Na ve is a leader in solar power, providing both commercial solar instal- la ons and residen al solar installa ons. Whether you are looking for just solar or you would like to have us evaluate your home for energy effi ciency upgrades with your solar installa on, we are able to help! We off er a comprehensive range of solu ons to save and create energy. We are unique in the amount of services we off er, allowing us to take a holis-  c approach when assis ng our customers.

NORBORD Booth #518 (913) 908-4960

Norbord manufactures structural OSB panel products and operates two mills in Texas. We feature an energy savings panel “Solarbord” that re- fl ects up to 97 percent of the radiant heat, lowers a c temp by up to 30 degrees, reducing AC bills. Our “Pinnacle” fl ooring is ideal for builders. It carries a 50-year warranty and 100-day no sand guarantee and perfor- mance at an aff ordable price.


Booth #1023 (714) 433-2905

Noritz has been an innovator in the water hea ng industry for over 60 years. We introduced the fi rst modern, electronically controlled tankless hot water heater in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today. Serving homeowners, builders and commercial users across the U.S. and Canada, Noritz America off ers a broad range of tankless gas water heaters to meet the varying needs of its customers including our complete lineup of high effi ciency condens- ing PVC vented tankless water heaters.

NUVOH20 Booth #110 (877) 688-6426 NuvoH20 is the next genera on of innova ve, environmentally friendly water protec on that uses all-natural citrus to provide a salt-free water so ening solu on for hard water. It’s a compact, easy to install, cost ef- fec ve system that prevents, protects and saves appliances, plumbing and fi xtures from damaging and costly eff ects of scale build-up.

O'HAGIN MFG., LLC Booth #507 (877) 324-0444 O'Hagin Mfg. produces superior a c ven la on products for real or composite  le, slate, shake, and shingle roof applica ons that blend into the surrounding roofi ng material and encourage maximum air move- ment. O'Hagin vents are now available with patent-pending fl ame, em- ber, wind-driven rain and snow resistant features.


Booth | Hallway (615) 732-6142

Opera on FINALLY HOME is an award-winning 501©(3) organiza on that provides custom built, mortgage free homes to America’s military heroes and the widows of the fallen that have sacrifi ced so much to de- fend our freedom and values.

OTTO TRADING INC./IRESTMASSAGER Booth #1314 (714) 540-5595 Manufacturer and distributor of hand-held portable digital massage de- vice. TENS units.

OWENS CORNING Booth #823 (406) 422-9133 Owens Corning provides solu ons for insula on, envelope sealing and roofi ng needs. We also assist in mee ng your building and energy code needs through building science.

PACIFIC MDF PRODUCTS, INC. Booth #606 (916) 660-1882 PacTrim® leads the industry for primed MDF moulding and millwork. GREEN since its incep on, PacTrim® is SCS cer fi ed for pre-consumer, recycled wood fi ber enabling projects to qualify for LEED points. Our four North American manufacturing facili es provide reliable, domes c product with shorter lead  mes than off -shore compe tors. This results in be er-managed inventories and keeps you closer to your market. Pac- Trim® is aff ordable, easy to install and complemented by PacFit® crown corners, base corners and rose es.

PALACIO IRON DOORS, LLC Booth #416 (210) 635-0063 At Palacio Iron Doors, everything is possible with custom-made iron work embellishing one home at a  me. Our company decorates homes with a unique style with its wrought iron doors. Palacio Iron Doors also of- fers railings with ornamental iron adding elegance to luxurious homes. The handmade details of each iron piece are a signature of our talented cra smen. With Palacio Iron Doors you will fi nd a beau ful collec on of doors for your luxury home.


Booth #707 (641) 621-1000

Pella Corpora on is a leader in designing, tes ng, manufacturing and installing quality windows and doors for new construc on, remodeling and replacement applica ons. As a family-owned and professionally managed privately-held company, Pella is known for its 89-year history of making innova ve products, providing quality service and delivering on customer sa sfac on. Headquartered in Pella, Iowa, the company is commi ed to incorpora ng new technologies, increasing produc vity and prac cing environmental stewardship to create sa sfi ed customers.


Booth #1210 (800) 441-9695

PPG Architectural Coa ngs is a respected paint industry leader, providing paints, stains, caulks and adhesives for professionals and homeowners across North America. PPG’s line-up of paint brands off ers a wide range of choices to meet the varying needs of property managers, developers, architects, interior designers, pain ng contractors and consumers. PPG Architectural Coa ngs manufactures and sells its products through a net- work of company-owned stores, independent dealers and home centers across North America.


Booth #1016 (972) 567-0600

Premier Na onwide Lending is a Mortgage Banking Lender based in Tex- as. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to grow their business by bringing value to the table. One way we accomplish this is through our "Fast Track" underwri ng process. Every day we close loans in less than two weeks. Premier was also named one of the Top 40 Mortgage Com- panies in America in 2013. You deserve to experience the "Premier Way".


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