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TM EXHIBITOR DESCRIPTIONS FOX ENERGY SPECIALISTS Booth #713 (866) 448-01961 Since 2001, Fox Energy Specialists has helped Texas builders improve construc on quality, health and safety, and of course, the energy ef- fi ciency of their homes. We are an independent third-party energy in- spec on, tes ng, and HERS Ra ng provider. Our mission is to promote energy effi cient building that is marketable and aff ordable to our clients. Whether you are building Net-Zero Energy homes or just need to wrap your head around the Energy Code, we're here to help.

GENERAL PLASTICS www.General-Plas Booth #108 (888) 275-3171

General Plas cs manufactures tough, hi-impact plas c fi  ngs for under slab hea ng and air condi oning systems. Our fi  ngs are rust proof, easy to install, more effi cient and saves installa on  me, labor and mon- ey. And made in USA.


www.GlassCra .com (713) 690-8282 Founded in 1977, GlassCra is a premium entry door manufacturer of hardwood, steel and award-winning fi berglass composite doors that look and feel like real wood.

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GREAT SOUTHERN WOOD PRESERVING GUILDQUALITY (972) 437-7125 TAB endorsed insurance company.

Booth #524 (979) 733-0515 Great Southern Wood produces Yellawood brand pressure treated pine.

Booth #317 (888) 355-9223

North America’s best home builders, remodelers and contractors rely on GuildQuality’s customer sa sfac on surveying, performance repor ng and marke ng resources to help them deliver excep onal service and promote their quality to prospec ng customers. Remodeler’s-Custom Builder Central Sponsor.

H2O4TEXAS COALITION Booth | Hallway (512) 826-7490 Non-profi t corpora on commi ed to the full implementa on of the Texas State Water Plan. The Texas State Water Plan is a collec on of lo- cally designed water projects that protect public health and keep the economy strong.

HFI DOORS Booth #709 (972) 820-8895

As one of the largest Iron Door suppliers with eight years of professional working experience in Texas, we have more than 150 doors in stock and more than 60 designs to choose from. As the manufacturer, we’re capa- ble of delivering the most compe  ve building products to our industry.

HOME OF TEXAS Booth #808 (800) 445-8173 Home of Texas off ers 10-year warran es to Texas builders. Texas off ers unique challenges to the building industry and Home addresses these risks with eff ec ve coverage.

HOMEFRONT SOFTWARE www.HomeFront-So Booth #608 (866) 716-7291

Designed for custom, semi-custom or produc on home builders, Home- Front’s

home building management so ware streamlines the en re

home building process from design to sales, on into es ma ng, purchas- ing and produc on through to service & warranty. With seamless inte- gra on to your current accoun ng including QuickBooks, Sage 100 Con- tractor and Sage 300 Construc on & Real Estate HomeFront So ware is the No. 1 choice of builders. Located in booth 608 our team will be on-hand to demonstrate our market-leading builder solu on including HomeFrontCRM.

HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC. Booth #1319 (800) 468-1502 Honeywell is a fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macrotrends such as energy effi ciency, clean air genera on, safety and security, globaliza on and customer produc vity.

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(800) 899-3750

Hotchkiss Insurance Agency (HIA) has a 30+ year his- tory of providing TAB members with custom policies and risk services. A member of Builder Agent Net-

work, we off er an exclusive general liability policy developed by home builders for home builders. The Builders’ Risk Program provides for the geographic challenges in Texas.

HOUSTON REAL ESTATE RADIO Booth | Hallway (713) 302-3240 Consumer-focused real estate news and informa on radio show. Airs on Houston’s NEWS radio 740 KTRH; the fourth largest AM sta on in the country.

H-P PRODUCTS CENTRAL VACUUMS Booth #324 (888) 281-3705 H-P Products is the manufacturer of VACUFLO, Dirt Devil and Element Central Vacuum Systems. H-P's central vacs create healthy home envi- ronments by removing 100-percent of vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens from the living space. H-P's systems also feature unique quick clean products including Vroom, Spot and Hide-A-Hose home management system. These products bring central vac convenience to all areas of the home.


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