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Maine Coastal News FREE Boothbay and Rockland Lobster Boat Races - EXCITING!

BOOTHBAY HARBOR – This spring there were several rumours of new boats being built or boats getting new engines for the up- coming racing season. Over the years I have learned to wait and see what showed up at the fi rst race of the season at Boothbay Harbor. The two big stories we heard was Roger Kennedy of Kennedy Marine Engineering in Steuben building a 28-footer with a FPT engine and Glenn and Cameron Crawford of C&C Machine of Ellsworth putting a 12-cylinder Isotta into the WILD WILD WEST. We also knew that Steve Johnson had modifi ed the car-boat to become a sail- boat, but with a lot of horsepower. I arrived in Boothbay about mid-day Friday and the weather was just plain nasty. While having a late lunch at Robinson’s Wharf on Southport Island it was pour- ing rain. That did not stop Nick Page and Marshall Farnham of the Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Race committee in loading up Nick’s boat ALL OUT with the course marks and heading out to set up the course. I usu- ally head over to Brown’s wharf to see who arrived, but with the wind and rain decided to stay in. Later that evening I texted Travis Otis and was surprised to hear that there were about fi fteen boats tied up.

The following morning the forecast was for rain and breaking up mid-day. Fortunate- ly the weather forecast was off and the sun came out here and there and made for a great day of racing.

TRUE NORTH, REDEEMED and DILLON JAMES battling it out in Diesel Class F. Having been into Glenn Crawford shop

we know that WILD, WILD WEST was not going to be ready. Last season he had purchased two 12 cylinder 1,050-hp Isotta engines that were running take-outs. He also picked another one from the company. By April the engine was in, but he found that the shaft angle was over 20 degrees. This would not be very effi cient and could cause the boat to porpoise. He then made modifi cations to the oil pan and the boat and was able to lower the shaft angle to 14 degrees. In early June he said that he was hoping to have her overboard for the Bass Harbor races. Over the fall, winter and spring we have followed the progress on Roger Kennedy’s new boat WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT. He re-fi nished a Northern Bay 28 hull and installed a 560-hp FPT diesel engine. His main worry was control with that much horsepower, but on sea trials he was sur- prised to fi nd her stable. He started off slow and increased the rpms in 200 increments and got her up to full speed, which was 49 mph.

Steve Johnson was at it again. Winter on the Island was way too long this year. He removed the car from the car-boat. He then cut the bottom off a sailboat at the waterline and attached it to the boat. He then took a Chevrolet 454 engine and hooked that up. Unfortunately she had a drive train issue and would not make it to the fi rst two races. Shawn Alley’s LITTLE GIRLS [28’

Roger Kennedy's WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT leading the way to the fi nish line.

Calvin Beal Jr.; 514 Ford] was given a new engine, but it was not known how much faster she would be, but we were going to fi nd out.

Chad Libby’s NIGHTMARE [Young Brothers 30; 400 cid] is being readied for racing and it is hoped that she will be out for Moosabec. She came out twice in 2012, but did not make an appearance in 2013. During the winter there was a discus- sion that UNDERDOG might be returning this season. The big question was whether she would get a Ford or Chevrolet engine. We have not heard anything recently, but we are hoping she makes it out this year. Glenn Holland’s RED BARON has

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been rumoured to becoming out but paying customers have gotten in the way. Also his top worker on this project, Gavin Holland, his grandson, moved from Belfast to Buck- sport and could not be at the shop as much this past winter. However, Glenn has said that RED BARON will be worked on this summer and brought in the shop this coming winter to get ready for next season. At the completion of sign-ups there were several other new boats. GAVIN & GRACIE, owned by Derrick Parlin of Wal- doboro, is a 43 Lowell powered with a 750- hp FPT and would be entered in Diesel Class

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