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Outdoor Adventures Trails Project Right on Track

T By Dwight Fleming

It brings the SVRT board a sense of gratification hearing people are enjoying the trail.

Largely funded by the $35,600 SC Parks, Recreation & Tourism grant, we have quite a few changes coming in 2014.

Within the next few months you will see a load of heavy cedar beams staged in the parking lot of Capital Home Builders on Hwy. 7. The beams will eventually be crafted, by SVRT volunteers and board members, into truss members, railings and decking to span the 160 foot long and 40 foot high railroad trestle at mill creek. Once complete the trestle will connect the McCormick side of the trail to the Willington side of the trail. To follow the progress like us on facebook @ Savannah Valley Railroad Trail.

In conjunction with the trestle going in we have several other projects in the works also funded by the PRT grant. We will be cutting in a six-mile long mount bike trail, spurring off of the section of the SVRT trial that runs along Huguenot parkway. The mountain bike trail will be on U.S. Forest Service Land and follow the shoreline of Thurmond Lake for about six scenic miles.

To help improve visibility of the trail and inform the general public of the opportunities the trail provides we will also be using some of the funds to enhance and add signage and trail markings. If you are unfamiliar with the trail just get out there and hike it. My personal favorite section starts right off the interception of Huguenot parkway and Highway 7. It’s an easy hike filed with nature and history. 

8 • July 2014 •

he Recreation Center has established the new Savannah Lakes Village Outdoor Adventure Club. This club provides regular outdoor activities/programs for members and promote interest in many different types of outdoor activities. The structure of the club is a membership-based Recreation Center Program with member-driven activities. You must be an SLV property owner to join the club, but do not have to be club member to participate.

“We could not be more excited about the new outdoor programming that the Recreation Center is developing... People of various ages and various degrees of outdoor recreation coming together to enjoy the beauty and healthy living benefits of our outdoor region is creating a totally new sense of place and well-being in Savannah Lakes Village.”

- Kirk Smith, Savannah Lakes Village CEO Club Takes a Hike

Savannah Lakes Village residents recently participated in a hike on the Savannah Valley Railroad Trail.

The hike was sponsored by the SLV Outdoor Adventure Club (SLVOAC) which is a newly formed club for individuals who are interested in participating in outdoor activities. The hike was for everyone whether a member of the SLVOAC or not. There were three options for this hike: two, four and seven miles.

Wendy Linaberry, secretary of the Savannah Valley Railroad Trail, met the group at the Bad-well Cemetery entrance and gave an informative talk about the history and future plans for the trail.

Don Norton and Frank Clayton began work on establishing the trail in 2006. Thanks to them, along with many other volunteers who joined them over the years, we have these excellent trails today.

After this very informative briefing, the hikers proceeded into the woods for their walk. 

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