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By Becky Lagroon and Ann Stiles

A surprised Barbara Zust from Savannah Lakes Village was honored as the 2014 Senior Citizen of the Year at the McCormick County Senior Center, in front of many friends, fellow volunteers and family.

❚ When Barbara was first contacted she thought she was speaking on behalf of the Humane Society. After examination of the nominations for Senior Citizen of the Year, there was no doubt that Barbara deserved this honor. Because of her involvement in the community and not wanting to let the cat out of the bag, the secretive process of contacting those who needed to be involved in the recognition began.

❚ For anyone who knows Barbara, you would know she is not your ordinary senior. She is full of energy, life and kindness, and gives tireless hours of volunteer work to any organization she is involved with. With the nomination of Barbara Zust there was no hesitation on anyone’s part to help ensure a wonderful honoring. Even though this event is to remain a secret until the announcement of

Senior Citizen of the Year, it did not take long for many to contact the Senior Center to see if they could be involved in some kind of way to honor her.

Barbara showed up at the last moment before the event started because she was busy delivering nuts for one of the Humane Societies fund-raisers. When she entered the room she did not have time to notice all of her friends, family and fellow volunteers there on her behalf.

❚ Barbara took her place at the head table with Desire Council (Guardian ad Litem coordinator) and Linda Hansen (Red Hatter). Bob Good, master of ceremony for the event, opened by introducing Barbara to speak for the Humane Society, but little did she know what was in store for her.

❚ After she spoke briefly about the Humane Society and sat down, Good started telling how the recipient for the Senior Citizen of the year impacted many lives. The crowd sat as Good talked about the recipient and how many organization and groups in the community they were involved in. Until Good mentioned the recipient had provided foster care for more than 100 children, Barbara sat like everyone else with anticipation.

❚ All eyes were glued on Barbara to see her reaction or amazement and thinking, “Is that me?” Then Good announced Barbara as the McCormick County Senior Citizen of 2014. The entertainment was the HATZ (Dan Higgins on saxophone, Garry Kline on keyboard & Verda Rhoades on drums) and they played as the Saints Go Marching In as Barbara approached the podium with a standing ovation, in a room decorated in a patriotic theme by Carol Bailey.

❚ Barbara was overwhelmed and very appreciative and said for once she was speechless. In true character Barbara acknowledged she could not have done it alone. 

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