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SLV Actress Loves Storytelling

Kathie Marathon has done many lead parts in plays our Community Theatre over recent years, and done an outstanding job. She has a talent for really living the part, not seen in many “amateur” playhouses, and audiences in our Village have really enjoyed her skilled acting.

Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

I have had very little acting experience or training. In fact, prior to moving to Savannah Lakes Village, I had only been in one play. When I was 14, my family spent a year in Kampala, Uganda where I attended Nakasaro School. Each year the eight grade class put on a play, and that was my debut. The play was a musical farce of Cinderella, in which I got a part as a can-can dancer. Of course, I really wanted to be Cinderella but that didn’t happen; however, I was still excited to get a part, even though I am quite sure everyone in the eighth-grade class who wanted one got one.

I guess I’ve always wanted to act. I remember my sister played Rumpelstiltskin in the traveling summer playground theater group when I was 9, and I loved watching her and thought I would like to do that some day.

When we bought land here in SLV and started receiving the Neighborlink, I read about the Mighty Arts Players and knew that when we moved here I was going to give it a try and audition for the next play. I was so disappointed that first year when the play had already been cast, but I was ready the next year and got my first part as a maid in Who Dunnit? Since then I have had a part in all the subsequent plays.

Before coming to McCormick, I worked for 33 years in a large public library system in Maryland. Throughout the years I held many positions but began my career as a children’s librarian, and it is there where my interest in acting really began. I found storytelling to be so much fun. I discovered I could learn long stories easily and really enjoyed telling them to audiences of all ages.

Storytelling is, in many ways, more difficult than acting because, in a story, you must be all the characters, and the audience depends on the storyteller to make each character distinct and come alive through voice, mannerisms, facial expressions or gestures.

Each time I began to tell a story, my sole objective was to engage the audience and make them believe the story. I found early on that the more fun I had telling the story the more fun the audience seemed to have hearing it. In acting, I find the same pleasure, and my objective is to bring my character to life to “be” that character, if only for a couple hours. I am

Kathie Marathon, seated, in the play A Tomb with a View.

always pleased when I meet a neighbor in town and they refer to me by the name of a character I played. It makes me feel that I succeeded.

One of the most challenging scenes I played was in Bad Year for Tomatoes. My character was the nosy next-door neighbor who goes from stone sober to completely drunk in 2 ½ pages. Cora goes from a polite napkin dab to the lips, after her first shot of scotch, to a swipe of the sleeve after the fifth or sixth shot, and from normal speech to a serious slurring of words. It was a challenge to pace her progress just right and to make it convincing.

I have really liked a lot of the plays the SLV Community Theatre has put on over my past six years here. I guess of all the plays I have been involved with so far, my favorite for many reasons is Winter Love. First of all, because I found it to have the perfect balance; it was touching and funny, sometimes sad and had characters and emotions to which we can all relate. Secondly, because I played the character Nana, and she was so much fun to be; and thirdly, because my sister, Susan Hoerger, wrote the play, so it had special meaning for me. When Susan heard I was active in the SLV Community Theatre, she said I think I’ll try and write a play for your group, and that she did. She is really an attorney but has always loved to write and this was her first attempt at a screen play.

Being involved with the SLV Community Theatre has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope I will be able to continue to perform for many more years. It is great to be in a community where the plays are so well received and all the hard work the SLV Community Theatre – now the Savannah Lakes Playhouse – puts into each production is appreciated.  • July 2014 • 23

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