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SLV Purchases New Golf Carts By Kathy Godby

Savannah Lakes Village last purchased golf carts in the spring of 2010. After much debate as to whether to lease or purchase new golf carts, the latter was decided by administrative and finance departments.

Club Car of Augusta was awarded the contract to build 114 carts for SLV. Club Car sweetened their bid by including at no charge two ranger carts and a ball picker for the driving range.

The most common problem with electric powered golf carts is the batteries. The batteries are charged, the cart is used, the batteries depleted, and the batteries are recharged, over and over again.

Green Jacket Awarded at SLV Tourney

By Rodney Wurst

The Savannah Lakes Village Men’s Social Golf Group, MSG9, had its seventh Annual Green Jacket Golf Tournament. The tournament was held honor of the founder, Paul Kleiber.

This year we had a 27-hole tournament, with the first and third 9-hole rounds played at the Monticello Golf Course and the second round was played at the Tara golf course. 

Winners of the Green Jacket 2014 Tournament include, from left, Denis Kase, Rod Wurst, Floyd Thomas and Steve Delany. • July 2014 • 15

Our carts are used more than 35,000 times per year and the batteries are recharged after each use. After a while, the batteries can fail to work properly.

As the use of golf carts increase, golf cart related injuries are also on the rise. Falls from carts are the most reported problem, and these can be catastrophic if a person hits their head.

Only licensed drivers may operate carts on golf club property and it is the responsibility of the driver to operate the cart in a manner that does not cause damage to the cart or the course.

All cart operators must abide by all directional and restriction signs and posted regulations and under no circumstances are motorized carts allowed within 30 years of any green.

Why do most golfers prefer a cart over a caddy? A cart cannot count, criticize, or laugh! 

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