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Your company doesn’t always need to have a large training department for an associate to learn. There are many resources available, such as industry associations, that will provide an educational resource who truly understands the challenges of our industry.

The cost for saving one appliance per year, one HVAC system, one employee or preventing an injury is far less than the cost of several training courses. If you want to keep and develop excellent employees, you have to invest in them through training, so they can invest in your organization and positively affect the bottom line by making sound business decisions and leading a team to operate in a way that is more asset-minded and efficient.

Almost every professional team sport in existence has a training camp every year to refresh knowledge and polish skill sets before the expectation to perform. Train them and they will stay. Train them and they will perform. Moreover, teams that perform and are part of a positive cultivating culture will automatically attract talent. Getting them and keeping them is up to you.

Get the service team involved in the budget process.

If you want to get a better idea of how much things cost and help reduce or avoid the all too common surprises that result in unexpected expenditures, get the Service Team involved in the process.

Very often the main reference for the upcoming budget is the histori- cal data from the last year of spending and while that can be helpful it can also eliminate the ability to accurately adjust expenses that match the quality of work that you want to achieve on site. You may want to try sitting with the Service Team or Service Manager to create a budget

with no historical references and then compare it to previous expenses. See what you can decide based on the contrast and similarities in the projections. It may help you notice something that has been overlooked or spark a new innovative idea that is beneficial. Trying new approaches to improve everything on site is the only way to really get out of the old habits and patterns you find yourself in.

Cheaper is rarely ever better and it usually leads to frustration and disap- pointment. You have to consider the level of service you want to deliver and find the balance between the quality of workmanship, the time you expect to invest for each goal along with the cost required to do so. The formula for each changes from property to property and also year to year depending on so many factors. Why not get the input from the team that does the work.

If the Service Team members do not have much experience with budget- ing and you want them to know more about the costs associated with running the Service Department, this is an effective way to get them involved and understand the roles of everyone on site better. Teams that take on challenges together will become stronger, work better together and be more respectful of each other since everyone understands the perspectives from others on the team.

Get the Service Team involved with budgeting and you will get better results and they will deliver better service.

Everyone on the Service Team wants to work in a place where their voice is heard, their expertise is utilized and where they feel involved and appreciated. Be the example of how it should be in our industry and everyone will appreciate your results.

Mark Cukro is a National Speaker, the President of Plus One Consulting, Inc. and founder of

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