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In a humorous and moving talk Sue described that in the depths of her despair from her disability, with a sense of a worthless life; her partnership with Max gave her a new spirit to live her very full life as an Ambassador. Sue also reminded us that life in a wheel chair means that all others are taller, and therefore she feels lost in the crowd. But with a beautiful dog alongside, she attracts the attention of everybody and so has many any friends. There is a sad-side: Max is not a well dog and will be retired early at 8 years old. He will be found a good home, but the split will be heart breaking for Sue and Max. Sue will soon have a new partner dog, thanks to “Dogs for the Disabled”. A great and moving story.

The evening overall was entertaining. The food was good and plentiful, the speeches just right apart from being this one “woof” short, the disco welcomed by those who had had itchy-feet at previous nights. Ian, Sue and Aly did a great job under the conductor- ship of President Elect Bjorn. Well done you. The evening flowed with wine, friends, chat and laughter. What more was needed? A few more Rotarians perhaps? President Mike reminded us all of the tremendous support Rotarians get from their partners, and that he has been given by Angela in his

year. But Angela was busy chatting up Max and hoping that she could take him home. Max has many more woofs in him, yet. Mike is one woof short.

Well done Faringdon : well done Mike: And well done Isis, Max and Ziggy. Paul Rogers

This will be the last Newsletter in this Rotary year and I would recommend looking back over past editions, (go to Newsletter Index) we are then reminded how much the club has achieved and how much fun enjoyed over the past few years. I hope you have all enjoyed reading them, and my sincere thanks to all contributors.

Whilst I have agreed to continue as editor for another year, I would be very happy for another member to take on this responsibility, as my work with Youth Servicesmust come first, and I therefore put on record the possibility that future Newsletters may not appear on time – I will do my best however.

You will notice that this Newsletter contains more on our Youth Services – I make no apologies for that. May I request all Chairs submit their plans for future Newsletters.

Due to timing – about to leave for Bristol Airport! There was no time for the PRMCcommittee to scrutinise this Newsletter before publication, so please excuse any errors or omissions.


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