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“Handovers” are typically happy events. The outgoing President is proud of what’s been achieved in their year, but somewhat relieved to be handing over the reins to their successor, and the incoming President is a little daunted at the upcoming year, yet full of ambition and optimism at what they hope to achieve in their year to build on the success they have inherited.

The 2014 Faringdon Interact Club handover was no exception. Hannah Clark welcomed everyone and recalled being at last year’s handover and being amazed that the then President had stood up and spoke without notes, and here she was, full of confidence, doing the same thing. What a difference a year makes. She thanked her team and club members for the tremendous support she had received which had resulted in a highly successful year.

Hannah then passed the President’s medal to Natascha Blesing, the incoming President for 2014/15. Natascha introduced herself and thanked the 2013/14 team for all they had done, and in particular for leaving the Club in great shape. She said that the new team are all

very excited about what they can bring to next year’s Interact and what changes they can make to the local community and internationally. The new team was introduced and then she outlined the key areas of focus for the year.

Supporting the Young Carers Project, building on this year’s early stages, will be the main area focus with plans to arrange and fund trips and activities, the first of these will be a trip to the Oasis Swimming pool in two days time.

Other areas under consideration are volunteering support at Faringdon Nursing Home and involvement with the Rotakids project where possible. Also they plan to continue their support for the End Polio campaign.

To fund all this activity, they have lots of plans for the year which will include the successful “Candy Cane” idea that ran last year, with similar concepts for Easter and Valentine’s Day, as well as the Easter egg hunt and raffle. As if this were not enough, Natascha added support for Rotary’s fund raising events such as Thomas, The Firework event and R.I.A.T.

To finish Natascha once again thanked last year’s team for the great introduction to Interact they had received and for the solid foundations for the new team to build on.

THE 2014 - 2015 INTERACTORS As a small thank you chocolates were given to all last year’s team.

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