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It was on a Wednesday evening at the end of flaming June when we travelled to the Woodman to bring in a new broom. The hall that used to host Baronets and Princes and roasting pigs on spits was now the place where we did see the new President get his bits. We welcomed the visitors and then ate a hearty meal and toasted ‘The Queen’ with much zeal. After the break in a very few minutes the time had come for the serious business with some fun!

Two new honorary members were made, Ross Miur and David Wilson, both have given us stalwart support for years and years without comment. Now it was our turn to show how we feel and give them their special moment.

President Michael was as jovial as ever he’d showed, and with an eloquent report behind him he found he had come to the end of the

road. Quickly relieved of his jewel by Bjorn at the double, it all happened so quickly that the sleepy among us could have missed it, and when they awoke at the end of the table a new world had started in a new Facebook bubble.

The new team are worthy indeed, fit for a Governor in his special year, to give him support in the task he has taken to help where helps needed without any fear. A Paul Harris fellow a worthy award given amid loud applause.

The food was good and the company captive, the ladies more numerous than ever before, the new Junior Vice is from their number and we know she will be extremely active. Collecting awards and prizes galore Linda’s dedication is without question amazing to see and far more.

Bjorn’s programme is as ambitious as ever and the teams are raring to go. We all have a task and an ideal in view to make the next Rotary year very special too , keeping us all busy and enjoying ourselves more with fund raising to show, what can be achieved when we all work together in fellowship for sure

Be sure to look at the pictures as seen through Sarah’s eyes, recorded for us with pathos and pride.

A very good night indeed. A bit of fun in memory of the excellent poetry of the late Mike Cornley.

Stuart Spencer

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