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In this context John Brierwood has volunteered to act as the liaison between me and the club as far as help with driving etc. is confirmed. Thanks John, much appreciated. I would obviously be very grateful for any help from Faringdon Rotarians in this regard.

One of the new innovations we are holding in District this year is a District Interact day, a one day conference on 15th November. We are planning a fun day to give Interactors the chance to hear some inspirational speakers, swap stories and experiences, as well as learning about the wider family of Rotary. I am hoping that we will get a good turnout from the 26 Interact clubs we have across the district, including Faringdon. A note has already gone out to Bjorn with more details.

So, through July I will be attending several club handovers and Presidents’ nights, at least one barbeque, a dragon boating event, spending 2 days in North Wales with our RYLA participants, two meetings at RIBI in Alcester, a cycle ride, car show, village show, and a number of the official club visits. Sounds busy, but I am really looking forward to it, and it is a privilege to be doing the job.

Tim Cowling DGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A letter from : Dear Lynda

I cannot thank you all enough for the hugely generous and helpful gift to enable us to purchase new hens. I could not believe it when I opened your envelope; thank you all so very much. It enables me to go ahead with the purchase, knowing that we also have enough money for the fencing and some food, this is a huge relief to me. I will keep you posted as things progress.

The dedication of your young people to helping ours is really lovely to hear of, please pass them my special thanks for their very hard work; if they would like to come to visit please do let me know. Some of our students would much appreciate meeting others, as because ours find it so hard to make social contact, they can very much appreciate it when others take an interest in them.

It is very timely as our hens are laying so few eggs now that we cannot be involved in selling them and we just need new young ones. They will make such a valuable addition to the work opportunities for our students, to care for the hens and to prepare the eggs for sale. I have put in an order for 60 hens yesterday and they will arrive in time for the Opening Day of our new building, which is really lovely, full of light and space, and we have begun to use it this week

Pennyhooks Farm Working for Autism

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