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all presentations. Most took advantage of the exhibit space provided at the conference’s networking reception, where they interacted with a much larger audience of firms and organiza- tions from the natural gas producers, midstream / pipeline and service communities with an interest in their technologies.

The foundation was successfully laid, and the research collab- orative, again in cooperation with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners SGICC, repeated the process, received/reviewed |38 applications in response to more than 5,000 invitations, selected 12 and convened the showcase at the MSC’s SHALE INSIGHT™ conference on Sept. 24, 2013 in Philadelphia. That showcase was sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, featured 12 technology presenters and drew more than 100 attendees. The presenters also par- ticipated in a poster board session.

The participants in both technology showcases have reported positively on their involvement, with several noting that they have entered into serious engagement with various investors and MSC members regarding their technologies.

Preparations and deliberations for the 2014 Technology Showcase are again underway, with an effort to mainstream the showcase within the body of the MSC’s SHALE INSIGHT™ conference Sept. 23-25 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

TECHNOLOGY PORTAL: Innovators Wanted

As the research collaborative worked on the first Technology Showcase, it became apparent that the logical expansion of the showcase was to develop a mechanism whereby innovators and technology developers could sub- mit their concepts to the MSC on an ongoing basis for consideration by its members. Thus was born the Technology Portal in January 2013, which is maintained on the MSC Website (

The research collaborative sought to keep the process as sim- ple as possible for the benefit of submitters as well as MSC members, with the following information being sought via the portal:

• Value Proposition? What value does this technology bring to the E&P and/or Midstream sector?

• What type of problem does this technology address ... Exploration; Production; Midstream; Environmental?

• Brief description of the technology

• Technology maturity ... Conceptual; Laboratory Demonstration; Field Demonstration?

• Treatment setting ... Is the product for use on well sites or centralized facilities?

Marcellus Quarterly 2014 25

Submissions to the MSC through the portal are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Technology Screening Workgroup, a professionally diverse group of volunteers formed by the re- search collaborative. Those deemed meritorious and having enough explanatory information are then shared with the MSC committee or committees that would have the most interest in the submission. Applications with mid-level scores are solic- ited for additional information to facilitate their advancement for consideration.

To date, a total of 100 submissions have been received via the portal, with 22 passing the research collaborative’s review process and shared with other MSC committees.


Parallel to both the technology workshop and the technology portal, the research collaborative tackled the development of a standing body of experts drawn from across the MSC mem- bership that could be relied upon to provide science-based knowledge for fact checking and other MSC needs.

The first order of business was to define the information cat- egories, which resulted in the major categories of: water; air; land; seismicity; well completion; gas use; natural gas liquids; infrastructure; drilling, and well construction/integrity. With that in hand, the research collaborative polled the MSC member- ship. Today, more than 120 individuals from 85 companies and organizations contribute their time, experience and expertise to support various MSC initiatives and needs. That ranges from providing a speaker on a specific topic to evaluating a published paper on some aspect of the shale gas upstream/ midstream/downstream continuum.

The research collaborative presently consists of a diverse membership drawn from 29 engineering and environmental firms and laboratories, seven public and private R&D orga- nizations, 10 industry organizations and 21 colleges and uni- versities. It remains driven and committed to support the MSC in finding the best ways to address technical problems and issues that impact any aspect of shale gas operations. If you are interested in joining the research collaborative, contact the MSC at (412) 706-5160.

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