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Village News Youth Leadership class completes program with fl ying colors

The Village of Lombard’s inaugural Youth Leadership Program took place this spring, with a class of excellent students representing different ages, high schools and area of interest for future studies. The students were taken through small group sessions with leaders from each Village Department, including the Village Manager’s Offi ce, Public

Works, Community Development, Finance, Police and Fire Departments. The students were given tours of each Village facility and were able to ask questions of staff. At the last of the three sessions, the students sat through a regular Village Board of Trustees meeting in May. For more information on the program, email communications@villageofl

Youth Leadership Program, from left: Village President Keith Giagnorio, Calvin Linnig, Andrew Kanelos, Zayd Ansari, Trustee Dan Whittington, Afreen Mohiuddin, Rachel Kipp, Nikola Wisniews- ka and Genaro Schellenberger.

Village of Lombard Code of Ordinances now available online

The Village of Lombard’s complete Municipal Code has been republished on the Village’s website and is now at the fi ngertips of the community. It is the goal of the Village that the new online format will provide residents greater access to the local code and increase effi ciency of its users, including staff, elected offi cials and the public alike. The Village of Lombard began working with Municode, a company specializing in codifying and publishing municipal codes online, at the beginning of 2014. The new Municode platform provides easy access and an intuitive interface to the Village codes online. Municode is viewable on any platform, including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Using Municode, the Lombard Village Code is now search- able by keyword, printable, downloadable, able to be emailed and consistent in formatting of chapter and section numbering. “Now everyone will have access to the Village Code of Ordi- nances in a format and manner that is quick and easy to navi- gate,” said Village President Keith Giagnorio. “The Village Code

of Ordinances are the offi cial general and permanent laws of the Village of Lombard so it’s extremely important that staff, elected offi cials and members of the public can access and view the ordinances in an effective and effi cient manner.” Prior to the republication with Municode, Village Code was not searchable, diffi cult to navigate and not able to be viewed in sections. Additionally, it could not be emailed and was not viewable on all devices. Village of Lombard staff reported the long PDF documents were slow to download, cumbersome and diffi cult to administer and did not offer links through cross refer- ence. Village staff has already reported the new software has made working with the Village Code easier and a more effi cient use of staff time.

The code available online is updated through December 31, 2013. Future online versions of the Village Code will be updated monthly. To view the Village Code, go to www.villageofl villagecode and click “Municode Online.”

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