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Village News Village contracts with Clarke Mosquito for abatement services

The Village of Lombard contracts with Clarke Mosquito for mosquito abatement services. The program targets larvae in all open waters, poor draining areas, street catch basins, and backyard catch basins.

There are 350 backyard catch basins in the inventory. Residents may contact Clarke’s Hotline at (800) 942-2555 to ensure that their catch basin is on the list. Clarke’s technicians conduct their rounds quickly and quietly by car, bicycle and foot so they often are not noticed. The Village’s program employs the best management practices aimed most directly at the Culex species of mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus. These mosquitos are relatively large in size and they only breed in standing water. Clarke monitors and then treats every known catch basin with time-release larvacide pellets and briquettes. The program also includes surveillance and treatment of larger, hard-to-reach open water areas by a helicopter. On occasion,

stagnant swimming pools are observed and reported to the Village’s Code Enforcement Division for follow-up. The more numerous, smaller and

pesky Aedes vexans mosquitoes do not carry West Nile Virus. These mosquitoes are not easily abated since they may breed in damp vegetation. The practice of spraying for these and other species of mosquitoes is minimally effective and expensive, as well as problematic for those with respiratory problems. For these reasons, Lombard and many other communities ceased the practice of spraying years ago in favor of a program aimed at controlling larvae in standing water.

Mosquito traps are monitored by the DuPage County Health Department and private services such as Clarke Mosquito. At some point each year, a percentage of Culex mosquitoes are found to be positive for carrying West Nile Virus. The peak of these mosquitoes is normally July and August, with a taper to October.

Information on the current level of recommended protection, Known as “Fight the Bite,” is available at www.

Recommended precautions against bites include using insect repellent or cover bare skin, particularly at dusk and dawn. Also, pools should be covered or chlorinated and bird baths should have the water changed twice per week. Questions about the Village’s mosquito program may be directed to Public Works at (630) 620-5740 or publicworks@villageofl

Village hosting monthly electronics recycling events through November An Illinois State law banned electronics from landfi lls in

2012. Thus, the Village of Lombard contracts with VintageTech Recyclers to provide free electronics recycling in the commuter lot at 101 S. Main Street on the fi rst Saturday of each month from April through November. The event is hosted from 9 a.m. until noon on the designated Saturdays. The following items are included in the State’s landfi ll ban: computers, monitors, printers, laptops, televisions, keyboards, fax machines, recorders, mp3 players, video consoles, DVD players, computer mouse, scanners,

8 The Pride

digital converter box, cable receivers, satellite receivers, DVRs or small-scale servers. These items can be collected by the Village and disposed of properly.

In addition, please save the dates for the big Recycling Extravaganza on Sept. 20 and a document shredding event on Nov. 1. More information will be provided as those dates approach, but questions may be directed to publicworks@villageofl or (630) 620-5740.

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