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Village News Village of Lombard chooses to return to ComEd as electric

supplier in effort to save residents money The Village of Lombard Board of

Trustees voted in May to return to Commonwealth Edison as the Village’s energy supplier after the most recent bids from energy companies through the Electric Aggregation Program received did not prove competitive with ComEd’s current pricing. The move by the board is in an effort to save residents money, said Village President Keith Giagnorio. The Village Board of Trustees would like to stress to citizens that, although residents will see a jump in their electric bill pricing, this rate is the lowest and most competitive rate currently available in the market.

On May 15, the Village of Lombard received a second round of bid proposals from energy companies. The lowest three-year fi xed rate proposal came from Constellation Energy at 7.74¢ per kilowatt hour. This rate is not competitive than the rates just released by ComEd for the 12-month period beginning June 1. The ComEd rate for June through September is 7.6¢ and 7.42¢ for the remaining 8 months. ComEd is also planning to reset rates again in the fall. In addition, ComEd applies a Purchased Electricity Adjustment of +/-0.5¢. “We will always have the ability to go out to the competitive market in one year, but we see no reason why the Village should lock its citizens into a rate that is higher than what ComEd would provide,”

said Village Manager Scott Niehaus. The Village Board plans to revisit the Village’s energy supplier annually to review competitive rates since the Village is not locked into a contract with ComEd. Residents who do not wish to utilize ComEd as an energy supplier have the option to individually choose their own provider. Those who are currently in the Municipal Electric Aggregation Program for Lombard will receive a letter in the mail from ComEd. Residents can view a template of the letter that will be sent by ComEd at www.villageofl electric. Those who choose to select an alternate energy supplier should wait to arrange for a switch until they receive this letter in order to avoid a $25 termination fee from First Energy. This letter will state the effective date of the move back to ComEd and that the resident has the opportunity to switch to an alternate supplier within the next two bill periods. The Village’s current aggregation agreement with First Energy expires in July 2014. The Village Board of Trustees reviewed electric supply bids on April 3 that were much higher than the bid received in March 2012 and chose to rebid at later date after ComEd published new rates. The second bids were received on May 15 were not competitive with ComEd rates. Currently, the entire Northern Illinois area is looking at much higher electric rates this summer.

When the aggregation programs started two years ago, power rates were at 10 year lows.The aggregation program that began in 2012 with First Energy has saved residents an estimated $3.36 million in total, or $246 per household during the fi rst 15 months of the program. Since then, electric rates have been increasing, as the U.S. economy has gradually strengthened. is an excellent website to visit for more information on electric choices and prices to compare. All information regarding the Electric Aggregation Program and the recent switch back to ComEd, is available at www.villageofl Residents should beware of direct calls, mailings, and door to door marketing. The Village does not send people door to door or call residents to sign up for energy suppliers. Door to door marketing requires a solicitor’s permit. The Village highly encourages residents who choose to select their own energy provider to initiate fi rst contact with the provider after comparing all rates and options. Residents with questions related to the current contract can call First Energy at (888) 651-5200 or NIMEC at (800) 856- 3404. NIMEC will return calls in 24 hours. Additional questions can be directed

to Assistant Finance Director Jamie Cunningham at cunninghamj@ villageofl or (630) 620-5910.

Summer fl ood prevention tips from the Public Works Department

• Make sure your sump pump is working properly and it’s large enough. • Make sure the pump is clear of debris and sediment and keep a spare pump in the closet.

• Sump pumps should be connected to a backup power source such as a battery or generator in case of an electricity outage.

• Do not connect the sump pump to

the sanitary sewer. This contributes to basement backups along the downstream sewer. Sump pumps should discharge to yards. • Prevent leaking in window wells by installing vertical well extensions, waterproof windows or glass blocks. Be sure to follow building codes for escape exits. • Waterproof around pipes passing

through the foundation wall from inside and out.

• Remove leaves and other debris from drain covers and window well bottoms. • The typical default homeowner insurance policy does not cover fl ood damages. Check with your insurance agent to ensure proper fl ood coverage for your risks.

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