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• If he uses it with others, ask about how he uses it and what his sexual experiences are so far. It will take high levels of trust for your son to disclose these intimate details, so make sure you give him enough reasons to trust you. Make him know that you’re not forcing him to confess out of punishment, but you simply need to know what he has already done so you can guide him better. Discuss what you know about safe sexual practices, such as wearing condoms and refraining from having sex with questionable characters. Make sure he understands the importance of these measures by describing the effects of unsafe sex – unwanted pregnancies, venereal diseases, etc.

When you have a son who owns a dildo, your personal beliefs and concerns may cause turbulent emotions in you. Be detached from the feelings and be instructive instead. He’s turning into a man now – show him how to do it responsibly.

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