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16 - June 6, 2014 | Pelham - Windham News Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down, why does Windham need a ‘unionized’ highway department when they farm out almost all their work?”

“Thumbs down Windham, I hear that some are thinking of getting rid of the little used library and reallocating that money where it belongs, in the school system and that there are similar lines of thought concerning other depts. and old buildings as well.”

“Thumbs up to Mr. Reilly for helping us earn our Mining and Geology merit badges. Climbing all over the rocks and the giant trucks were awesome! Thank you!”

“Thumbs up. Speaking for many teachers we are excited that Mrs. Lagassy has been brought on full time to help our students. It’s long overdue.”

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“Thumbs down to the town of Pelham for interviewing 24 applicants for the town manager position when it was already fixed that they were hiring a town employee. You think taxes are high now, just wait till you see how big the police and fire depts. get because of this new hire. Instead of hiring someone with managerial experience they’ve gotten themselves another puppet to do the selectmen, police and fire departments bidding again. This town should be overseen by the state to get rid of all the corruption.”

“Thumbs down to Obama ... Making a speech

and expressing his outrage over the poor treatment of our veterans is a little too late. He should have cleaned up the health care problems that are plaguing the VA HealthCare System before attempting to clean up the HealthCare in America. Taking care of our veterans should be number 1 and the health care crises number 2. Making a speech now on his disgust of the treatment of veterans is a little too late in my book. A veteran recently died of cancer because it took over a year to get him treatment. Absolutely disgusting.”

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have to pass a rule immediately. You can’t allow people who are joined at the hip with teachers, by marriage. Related, uncles cousins, you cannot allow them on these committees! They’re a rubber stamp for all the teacher’s proposals. For raises for new schools, new kindergartens, new everything and it’s a total joke. We see it time and time again in Windham those rubber stamps – it’s just nauseating. It happens in many towns and cities across America. The albatross around any taxpayer’s neck is the teachers’ union and their lackeys, the school committees. Thank you.”

“Thumbs up to the Pelham Roundabouts! They look great and make traffic quick and easy. Thanks to our neighbors for putting up with construction.”

“Thumbs up. A huge thumbs up to the spring concert held this week at Pelham Memorial School. Outstanding work by the two music teachers and all the students. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and the talent they have in the music department. Congratulations!”

“Thumbs up to the exciting

new charter school, Windham Academy that is being proposed

by the Educational Choices Foundation. While we have been mostly happy with the school district, we are also happy to have options. We hope the Windham School Board can be open- minded enough to support this very important effort.”

Pelham~Windham Sports Pelham~Windham Sports

“Thumbs down for the announcer at the Pelham Memorial Day Ceremony for not acknowledging what a wonderful job that all the men do at the Pelham cemetery. They all work hard to keep it in great shape. A Pelham long-time resident hopes that next time they show a little more respect and consideration.”

“Thumbs down to whoever took the flowers

from my grandfather’s grave. My grandmother cried all day. You are disgusting people and if I were you I’d bring them back. You’re rude.”

“Thumbs down. A big thumbs down to

Pelham Board of Adjusters Peter McNamara and Christopher LeFrance. Never in my life have I seen such gross misconduct and a violation of morals and ethics. You sit on these boards and

“Thumbs down to the WPB for passing a plan that will allow a 4 bedroom home on a parcel of land that abuts Shadow Lake in Windham. Four variances were required; the most disturbing one is to allow encroachment to the aquifer area for the septic system. I think the board acted irresponsibly for the people who live around Shadow Lake. The lake community’s constitutional rights were ignored and not protected for financial gain of one individual. The board should have, at the very least, forced a concession to down size to a 2 bedroom and use a high tech septic design that reduces the impact on non- conforming properties. They didn’t have to show ‘Hardship’ but now the entire lake community will have to endure it. Shame on you all!”

“Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

Is Pelham the only town in the State with two roundabouts in such a short distance? How do you like the ‘driving experience?’ Sure would like to hear others thoughts.”


Windham Boys Lax Falls in First Round to Top Seed June 3 at Derryfield.

Teddy Piandes attempts to bring the ball past mid-field against Derryfield.

by Jacob Gagnon The Windham High School boys’ Lacrosse team understood that first round of the NHIAA Division III Championship Tournament was not going to be easy. The Jaguars had a daunting task ahead of them as they played the unbeaten and top-seeded Derryfield School on Tuesday evening,

Matt Shea protects the ball from a Cougar at midfield during Tuesday’s playoff loss. Shea would score one of Windham’s three goals on the night.

In their previous meetings, the Cougars had defeated Windham 19-4 on April 25 and 17-3 on May 28. The Jaguars knew that they had little to lose in this playoff bout, and they played like it with an endless supply of heart and effort. The Cougars struck first and often, scoring their first goal a minute and a half into the first quarter. Derryfield scored another before Windham hit back with a goal of their own. Matt Shea collected the score to cut the lead in half with 6:36 remaining in the opening quarter. While Windham kept it close in the opening moments,

the Cougars proved why they are the top team in the division by pulling steadily away on the scoreboard. By the end of the first quarter, Derryfield led, 5-1.

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It was not until the Cougars had commanded an 8-1 lead in the second quarter that the Jaguars scored again. This time, Troy Peters, at attack, recorded the goal by firing a shot from the top of the opposing goalie’s crease. Derryfield continued to build on their lead, taking the 11-2 advantage at the end of the first half. Windham goalkeeper Christian Bassey shined at the start of the third quarter, making a number of impressive stops to slow the Cougars. Despite Derryfield’s offensive onslaught in the contest, Bassey played a strong game between the pipes for the Jaguars. Bassey recorded a total of 13 saves in the game with a number of stops. The Jaguars, even as the game became out

of reach, continued to fight for their season. Windham scored their final goal of the season in the last minute of play. Peters, again, collected the score. Seconds later, the loss was official, as the Cougars advanced, 18-3, over Windham. With the loss, the Jaguars fall to 5-12 on the season. It was a disappointing finish for a gritty group that will continue to learn and improve in the coming seasons.

During the 2013-2014 season, local charities

enjoyed a night at a Monarchs game while they were raising money for their worthy causes. Each ticket purchased by friends and family of the non-profit for a group outing at a particular game, the Monarchs donated a portion of the ticket sale back to the charity. Charitable groups attending the games could also participated in several different in-game elements, such as the high-five tunnel, where they greeted the players as they entered the ice at the beginning of the game; held the big American flag at center ice during the National Anthem; and assisted in selling Chuck-A- Pucks, all in an effort to get the word about their non- profit out to the community and raise funds. The $50,000 raised during last season helped

over 75 different non-profit organizations. The top beneficiaries of the Monarchs ticket fundraiser program include High Hopes Foundation, MDA of New Hampshire, YMCA of Greater Manchester, ConVal High School Equestrian Team, American Cancer Society, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Best Buddies, NH Conservation Officers Relief Association, Teen Challenge New England, Second Wind Foundation, Corey A. Boivin Memorial Scholarship Fund, Windham PTA, and March of Dimes. “Giving back to the Manchester community is a major focus for our organization,” said Abbott. “It is rewarding to see that our games are not only entertaining for our fans, but also helps those that are in need in our community.” The Monarchs have several different ticket

fundraisers available and will be able to find the best option for each charity. Local non-profits can become involved in the Monarchs ticket fundraiser program for the 2014-2015 season by contacting the team’s front office at 626-7825.

it’s a total conflict of interest where you have a working relationship with applicants and representatives of applicants and you continue to vote on these issues when you should be removing yourselves, and nobody says a word. It’s shameful, it’s a disgrace and it truly is a violation of ethics and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves that you don’t even mention it or bring it up to the board during the meetings. Thumbs down to the Board of Adjusters Peter McNamara, Christopher LeFrance and Dave Hennessey.”

“Thumbs down to the driver

of the landscaping truck on 5/27. Get off of your cell phone and yield when entering the roundabout. Luckily one of us was paying attention.”

“Thumbs down to Windham School

Board: They’ve been writing how our School Administrators’ salaries are 10-15% lowered than comparable schools. They constantly do not include benefits in that statement. They say their benefits are good. Good? Make it phenomenal!

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603-635-2012 “Thumbs down to the demolished and

crumbling cement pillar at the entrance of Sawmill Avenue that was crashed into and knocked over. That was accident number one. This is a major safety issue. Please repair this before we have accident number two, involving children.”

“Thumbs down to the property at the Pelham

Elementary School entrance. Clean up the tree limb blocking the walkway. While you’re there, clean up all the trash. Time to spring clean.”

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They have 100% of their benefit covered. That’s about $25k tax free. If other schools give 100% benefits + larger salaries, then I’m all for our Administrators getting that.”

“Thumbs up to Michelle Levell. She’s stepping up and running for one of Windham’s four state representative spots. Michelle’s not only a great mom and wife - but a staunch fiscal conservative, with an exciting ‘libertarian’ flair. We’re lucky to have her! Vote 4 Michelle.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at thumbs@ When submitting a Tumbs com- ment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. During the election campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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Monarchs Donate $50K to Local Non-Profits

submitted by Kimberly Mueller, Manchester Monarchs The Manchester Monarchs, the primary affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings, donated over $50,000 to local non-profits through ticket fundraisers during the 2013-2014 season, Monarchs President Darren Abbott announced on June 4.



Staff photos by Jacob Gagnon

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