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Pretty as a picture PHOTOGRAPHER Charlotte Gale is based

in Knaresborough, near Harrogate, and her company publish her photographic greetings cards, including many Yorkshire views. “Yorkshire is not only the largest county in the UK, but it is also one of the most picturesque,” Charlotte said, “home to three National Parks and England’s second most visited city after London. “Yorkshire folk are notoriously proud of their county, but more recently it has also started to gain prominence - not only

have Lonely Planet voted it one of the top 10 regions to visit in the world, but it’s also host to two stages of the Tour de France in July this year, which is expected to attract millions of visitors to the county.

“All of this adds up to it being an excellent place to sell cards featuring Yorkshire views taken by a locally-born photographer.” T: 01423 797496

Back to his roots AFTER almost 20 years working in senior

positions in wildlife conservation charities, Joe Cole felt it was time for a change, so decided to go back to his family roots. His late father was a senior art lecturer and his mother an art teacher, while his uncle, Peter Hicks, is one of England’s leading landscape artists. Not having been blessed with artistic ability himself, Joe decided the next best thing would be to make the work of others more accessible to the public. So in 2010 he and wife Karen began publishing fi ne art greetings cards and prints through their company, Natural Partners.

Based in Marske-by-Sea, on the North

Yorkshire coast, they now produce beautiful and diverse ranges of cards and prints which reproduce original work by more than 30


Yorkshire and proud IN TERMS of big names, West Yorkshire seems to be the place for greetings card production, with big companies like Hallmark, UK Greetings and Card Factory all within a 10-mile radius of each other. And Tillovision creative director Richard Tillotson said: “This has created a community of card industry talent, with new companies – such as ours – springing up in the region. “Tillovision specialise in design-led humour and the north certainly has brought plenty of inspiration for us, be it stand up comedians or Yorkshire’s beautiful countryside, they have all played a part in designing our ranges. ”We print locally and use local suppliers for our envelopes and packaging, all of which has to be good for the

local economy and for the environment. “As a Yorkshireman, I’m proud to be able to write “Printed in Yorkshire, England” on the back of every one of our cards.” T: 07534 629010

Future looks Rosie ROSE And Radish is a charming children’s lifestyle brand dreamed up by the Geordie duo of picture book illustrator Helen Turner and graphic designer Amy Clarke. Helen and Amy met in 1999 while studying art at Newcastle College and have been great friends ever since, joining forces in June 2013 determined to be the most exciting thing to come out of the North East since Ant and Dec! After weeks of tea drinking, brainstorming and doodling, Rosie and her mischievous pet mouse Radish emerged from their sketchbooks, refl ecting their love of children’s illustration and all things vintage and quirky. Rosie And Radish also have the potential to shine on a whole range of other products. T: 07736 459567

Salt of the earth A FANTASTIC studio in Saltaire’s newly- renovated Salt’s Mill is the base for Jacky Al-Sammarraie work which she uses in her small ranges of letterpress cards printed on to cotton for The Art Rooms. Jacky gave up her long-term career in social services after studying at Bradford College of Art, Design & Textiles, where David Hockney also studied and now sees his work adorning the Salt’s Mill walls. She developed an appreciation of printmaking and letterpress during her studies and her work is quite varied, creating

fl oral images in different styles, random quirky images plus a growing range of contemporary Landscapes.

Jacky said: ”I can combine my love of walking while developing this range as it allows me to travel around the beautiful British countryside sourcing new images. “This great county was the inspiration for my signature Landscapes designs – this is where it all started. Specifi cally Robin Hood’s Bay which is a gem of a place. “Tyne And Wear Museums were one of my

artists and photographers, all from Yorkshire and the north east. Joe explained: “this region has an immense depth of artistic talent and we’re delighted to be able to showcase some of the very best of it to people all over the UK and beyond.” T: 07714 768956

fi rst customers and I created the North East range especially for them, next on the list is a Yorkshire city range.

“I also design special and commemorative ranges and this year the world’s most prestigious cycle race will depart in Leeds in July. This has inspired me to produce my latest range entitled The Race, a celebration of all things bicycle!” T: 01274 597909

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